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Comment Re:Well, stop requiring such high pressures (Score 1) 115

I have Skylake 6700k, it does not come with cooler maybe your supplier gave some extra cooler. But neither boxed (fancy box with longer warranty) or tray (the transparent box) versions has even space to fit a cooler in them. I also bought massive cooler, NH-D15. No warping here yet!

Comment It didn't uninstall but screwed many settings (Score 5, Informative) 360

For me it didn't uninstall anything, it however screwed many settings in registry, e.g. keyboard layout and user specific settings. It seems like it "upgrades" by installing the ISO on background when restarting the computer once it's downloaded it.

I don't think Windows 10 in general is stable yet, for instance Start menu stops working sometimes, "Modern" apps stopped working (Calculator, Photo viewer etc.), Edge browser window does not appear anymore and Windows Update Settings does not open.

I get some of the features back if I create new Windows account, but not everything. It looks like I have to do clean install sometime in near future, what a wonderful upgrade.

Comment How about giving a control? (Score 1) 199

I've been mesmerized why I can't configure Chrome to show notifications on work hours only. It's as if whole tech industry assumes we use phones to get our notifications and that's where the most comprehensive settings are for notifications. I upgraded to Chrome 42, and it still can't tune notifications for only work hours, damn it.

Comment Speed vs bandwidth? (Score 1) 55

I would take even 4G bandwidth anytime, if it could match the speed of ADSL, and I mean latency. I'm stuck with ADSL, fiber is in 50 m away, but none is going to dig it here.

I hope someone could standardize realistic measure of speed, that takes account the latency. It's really important when browsing, as usual webpage these days contact to so many different sources.

Comment Re:We all dance in the streets (Score 1) 192

The Community 2013 is way more stable than any of the Express versions, because it is the Visual Studio 2013 Pro, with different licensing. I uninstalled Express few days ago, and I don't think it left a lot of DLLs anywhere, only thing I can find is registry key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WDExpress (with Visual Studio it's named HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio)

Also the Community version supports TypeScript out of the box if it's your cup of tea. I tried to get TypeScript working on Express builds only to find out it was really buggy.

You probably should look at TypeScript in any case if you do web stuff. Because it's the future of JavaScript now that Google has also adopted it with same syntax (and some few ideas on top of it) just with the name "AtScript" by the Angular team. The momentum is pretty high on it. Even though typing would be not in the official specs everything else is ES6.

Comment Obama Was Unaware of Merkel Spying 2002-2010 (Score 4, Interesting) 280

Really, the story is that Obama was unaware of spying for 8 years! How on earth is that possible? 2007 - 2008, he was Chairman of United States Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on European Affairs, and after that as a president.

I know there is oversight, but geez it must be really loose. You'd think that those two posts would let one know about things.

Comment Re:if it wasn't americans, it would be someone els (Score 3, Interesting) 263

They are, it's just that individual states of Europe has a intelligence budget so low, they couldn't even spy on their own citizens let alone foreigners abroad.

Why should I, as a citizen of Europe, have less rights online than US citizens? Especially when we are talking about companies (Google, Microsoft, etc.) that operates within EU, whom are also forced by US law to give away stuff to US government.

Europe should create laws where service providers (working directly or indirectly in Europe) can't give the user's data to third parties without (very least) informing the user in question. Purpose of these laws should be aimed at conflicting with US's FISA request-law which prevents me from knowing if my data is given away or not.

Comment Re:He's a moron (Score 1) 154

I must be one of these morons. It often happens to me that Google Chrome address-bar (omnibar) throws in the auto-completion just when I'm about to press the enter. Then after looking at results for a while I find out the stuff I typed is appended with crap.

Now that I bothered to write about my stupidity, I'm considering turning the auto-completion off from address-bar.

Comment Re:Windows Red looks horrible (Score 1) 578

What happens if you click a tile on this overlay menu you speak of?

Cause the problem is not just the menu, it's the applications. For desktop users it's aggravating to jump between full-screen metro apps and regular desktop apps.

It would be far better (now that the metro apps can be sized nearly arbitrarily) for those who want desktop experience to allow them to run metro apps in regular windows fully resizable & draggable. This way it wouldn't break the desktop experience.

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