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Comment Re:the ultimate test (Score 1) 317

It is exactly the same. Anyway, in Powershell:

[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("TestVariable", "Test value.", "Machine")

to set it,

to get it and

to get rid if it.

To see all environment variables just run

dir env:

But yes, *that* form is still not resizeable, I also do not like it.

Comment Re:This does pose the question: (Score 4, Interesting) 195

USB3 support in FreeBSD 10 is OK (bunch of external disks used for PC backup - speed was essential). No problem with hot-plug either. Ports upgrade is trivial (although I have switched to pkg-ng now). I really can't find why do you think that security updates are difficult either. I've got only one 9.2 system around which I at the moment am not bothered to upgrade.

Comment Hyper-V integration (Score 1) 143

In case anyone here cares, Hyper-V support has been imported in HEAD - see http://svnweb.freebsd.org/base?view=revision&revision=255524 . I managed earlier today to build a kernel with it and do a number of performance tests - it looks good.
This is not present in the 10-Alpha CD yet by default, you have to get the latest source with svn, add ''driver hyperv" to the GENERIC and build it; I'd switch to labelled fstab entries before installing and rebooting it, though. Swap the 'de' with 'hn' network adapter etc.

Comment Excession (Score 1) 150

Meet you by the excession, but what matters, please first consider playing some games, using some state of the art weapons and learning to play properly the hydrogen sonata inversions, looking windward on the surface detail.


Motorola's First Intel-Based Handset Launches In UK 64

New submitter lookatmyhorse writes "As promised, Google's Motorola unit has released its first Intel-powered smartphone. The Razr i is based on a mid-range model sold in the U.S. that features an ARM-based Snapdragon processor. Motorola said the change of chip meant improved camera performance. However, it has also meant Google's Chrome browser is not installed on the device. Intel recently cut its sales forecasts citing weaker demand. Although it dominates PC chip sales, it is a niche player in the smart device sector. The handset is Motorola's first to feature an Intel processor; its existing smartphone partners — ZTE, Lenovo, Lava, and Gigabyte — are all relatively minor smartphone forces in Western markets. So, Intel's tie-up with Google — which also makes the Android system — is widely seen as its most significant effort to crack the market to date. The handset will be offered in the UK, France, Germany and Latin America."

Color Printing Reaches Its Ultimate Resolution 140

ananyo writes "The highest possible resolution images — about 100,000 dots per inch — have been achieved, and in full-colour, with a printing method that uses tiny pillars a few tens of nanometres tall. The method could be used to print tiny watermarks or secret messages for security purposes, and to make high-density data-storage discs. Each pixel in these ultra-resolution images is made up of four nanoscale posts capped with silver and gold nanodisks. By varying the diameters of the structures (which are tens of nanometres) and the spaces between them, it's possible to control what colour of light they reflect. As a proof of principle, researchers printed a 50×50-micrometre version of the 'Lena' test image, a richly coloured portrait of a woman that is commonly used as a printing standard (abstract). Even under the best microscope, optical images have an ultimate resolution limit, and this method hits it."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat Clarifies Doubts Over UEFI Secure Boot Solution (muktware.com)

sfcrazy writes: Red Hat's Tim Burke has clarified Fedora/Red Hat's solution to Microsoft's secure boot implementation. He attacks conspiracy theorist as — Some conspiracy theorists bristle at the thought of Red Hat and other Linux distributions using a Microsoft initiated key registration scheme. Suffice it to say that Red Hat would not have endorsed this model if we were not comfortable that it is a good-faith initiative.

Submission + - SPAM: Glary+Utilities+

sikuman writes: "Glary Utilities is a software that can perform maintenance on the Windows operating system as well. These applications provide a variety of tools to fix the slow computer performance, re-arrange the cluttered registry and shorten the start-up time longer."
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Comment Re:Canon or Nikon (Score 1) 569


I was in the same position some 6 months ago, eventually buying a Samsung EX1 (AKA TL500 in the States, I am told). Oh, boy, what a problem - now I can't find any excuse to buy myself a DSLR or a MFT camera... And yes, I know of the deficiencies of this particular camera, but they do not matter to me at this stage. I carry the camera all the time with me, ready to shoot any moment I see something remotely interesting.

Comment Re:Can that tag ... (Score 1) 357

I routinely run 7-8 VBox guests with decent performance on a very modest dual socket dual core 8GB Opteron box - but under some version of Solaris, at this moment OpenIndiana 151a. I keep VirtualBox updated to the latest version (I'll put 4.1.4 tomorrow, though). I use it for network testing - Solaris, CrossBow and VirtualBox make for a very decent lab environment, not to mention ZFS snapshots and DTrace. The guests include three W2K8R2 DCs, some OpenBSD firewalls, mix of NetBSD VMs, two used to build -current and pkgsrc all the time, some W7 as well. Memory may be tight at times, but still it manages.

I've never ran VirtualBox hosted by Linux and do not intend to even try it (actually, I don't have a physical machine under Linux at this time). I do run a few Linux guests here and there, on my laptop while it is under W7-64 for example - Bodhi is quite nice. They usually cause the most problems - getting the right kernel source, development environment, headers and the rest.

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