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Comment Re:Robots paying taxes? (Score 1) 173

When the robot drops the next vinyl record for me and brings the tonearm over to start playing, whose job did it take and what should the tax be? Also, how did we make it through the last 60 years without taxing this job stealing demon? Everything from dishwashing machines to jukeboxes to traffic signals is a 'job stealing robot' but I don't see that taxing them is a particularly brilliant idea.

Comment Re:Room for both models? (Score 1) 209

Well that's funny, since I'm also quite, um, experienced in life shall we say. ;) What I meant is that a VCR is an appliance, not the media. A VCR box is a large cardboard box FOR the VCR appliance to be shipped in. I guess the VCR media would be VHS (or BETA) right? Also, I'll work on being more clear in the future. Sure I will.

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