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Comment Re:The gov is just trying to level the field (Score 1) 325

I replied to the part you emphasised via italics. That's not a strawman. The person I suggested using a VPN to made the assertion that metadata collection by ISPs is something the customer cannot mitigate.. He was wrong, and you then made an issue of the cost of the mitigation, emphasis yours, not mine. No need to start flailing around now. Have a good day.

Comment Re:The gov is just trying to level the field (Score 1) 325

I can mitigate it....

That's right. The post I initially replied to asserted the power to mitigate this data collection was outside the capability of the ISP customer, which is false. I never said it would be free, although if you're broken up over $5 a month ... I dunno what to say to that.

Comment Re:The gov is just trying to level the field (Score 1) 325

You can choose a provider whose policies you agree with, or host your own on any of the numerous cloud services out there, or like 99% of the people who are already tracked by Twitbook, Flitter, Scroogle, etc. just live with it. The point is that if you care, you can mitigate it, and if you don't you're already probably tracked out the wazoo anyway.

Comment Remote into ESXi (Score 1) 360

I use an ESXi server and several VMs hosted there for dev work, and a fairly basic workstation with a great keyboard and a couple large monitors to remote into the dev machines. I have a VPN set up so I can VPN into the ESXi based machines from virtually anywhere, but I get the most work done from the quiet of my home. My time in the office is mostly about meetings and interacting with coworkers, but I don't get most of my coding done there.

Comment Re:The law was the problem (Score 4, Informative) 48

If rights holders would reap the profits for a decade or MAYBE two and then our cultural artifacts would enter the public domain, as the system was intended to work, people in general would likely respect copyright a lot more. As it is rights holders have perverted the law to the point where the goal of the enforcement of the right of first sale (to ensure the public can enjoy the arts) is no longer even widely recognized as the goal. We have what should be illegal extensions of copyright terms, schemes that restrict and/or outlaw the consumers right to second sale, and all sorts of other infringements promulgated and implemented by a corrupt system. No wonder people don't respect copyright restrictions any more.

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