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Comment Re:90% of time not 90% of vehicles (Score 1) 985

Considering what you save in fuel and maintenance EV's don't really cost more than comparable ICE's

I've had my ICE car for 4 years and not paid a cent for maintenance if you discount the fact that "free" maintenance was included in the purchase price. I've spent about $3000 in fuel in that time. The car is a paid for 2012 Passat V6, although I sort of wish I'd gotten the TDI.

Comment Re:Not shocked at all (Score 1) 985

They may be in different market categories, but they solve precisely the same transportation problem, are of similar interior space and load capacity, and so on. I tried a few variations with lesser vehicles, and got trip times exceeding 17 hours with most of them. The S 90D w/ 19" rims (not sure precisely where that stands in the Tesla lineup) was the shortest trip duration; even the S70 was substantially longer. I didn't root cause the reason for the extended trip times. I care less why, and more that the wasted time exists for the scenario given.

My uses for a car are infrequent trips to places nearby (Dr, dentist, etc) and long road trips, sprinkled with more 3 minute commutes than I should have since it's easily close enough to walk every day. I could, rationally, sell the car and just Uber when I need to make an infrequent errand, but the car is paid for and I like having it in the garage. I do drive the long drive once in a while, too.

Comment Re:Recheck my math (Score 1) 985

I don't know what his drive is, but I checked with a slightly shortened version of MY drive (I didn't use actual addresses, I just used cities) and using a Tesla S 90D w/ 19" rims (the best numbers I observed in 5-6 tries) the prediction was to turn an 11 hour drive into a 15 hour drive. At some indeterminate point in the future it's likely that I could replicate the drive of a $12,000 gasoline car with a $90,000 electric, but not today, and no one really knows when. Also, $78,000 ....

Comment Re:Not shocked at all (Score 1) 985

I just used a trip planner ( and the best I can do is a predicted 15 hours, so adding 4 hours to an already long drive. The good news is I could pay $90,000 for that car instead of buying a used Passat.

Not seeing the rationale.

Comment Re:Not shocked at all (Score 1) 985

This sort of math depends on a couple factors that are not going to happen in the real world with real drives. First, it assumes supercharger stations are available for all the drive, and it then further assumes they are optimally positioned for the journey of the day. Neither is likely to be true. My automobile (which I should just sell, rationally) will do about 580 highway miles on a full tank. On a typical 800 mile day trip I will refill somewhere around 450 miles into the drive because not even gasoline stations are optimally placed and it's nice to have a little margin for safety.

In reality the above scenario would tack probably 90 minutes to the already long drive and would further restrict the routes that could be driven. I suspect this (and maybe price) is why there is at least 10% that such vehicles won't presently work for.

Comment Re:I hope.... (Score 1) 87

It seems like a lot of the potential value is not in recovering the lost information so much as trying to use it to assess what has and has not been compromised and what the original source was, if that is not already known. I don't think there is any chance of putting those particular cats back in the bag, but an inventory would be useful even if it's incomplete.

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