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Comment Re:How to Break Out? (Score 1) 1042

There's no reason to assume that. In fact in every simulation I'm aware of there are vast numbers of simplifying assumptions made because they don't matter (much) for the intended purpose, and that's the subset of simulations that are even trying to mimic our physical laws. The concept of pulling a typical CA (for instance) out of its world and creating it here in ours is meaningless.

Comment Re:Gun Registry (Score 1) 192

Well one of us seems to be descending into insults and appeals to imaginary invisible people, while the other is using facts and logic. I was old enough to vote for Reagan, by the way. Are you done being wrong or do you have more wrong to share? Or perhaps switch and have an actual logical argument?

Comment Re:Gun Registry (Score 1) 192

My premise is simple: Fifth commandment just war is the only exercise of heavy weaponry that is permissible.

If you lived in a theocracy that would be a valid point. Here in America we don't, so you don't. Is that really the best you got? Seriously?

Comment Re:Gun Registry (Score 1) 192

The 2nd amendment is not about hunting, it's about making sure the citizens of military age (AKA the militia) may own and carry weapons suitable for an infantry. Both a Bazooka and a sawed-off shotgun are (1) excellent examples of infantry weapons and (2) not for hunting. You have yet to field a single actual argument in support of your baseless assertions.

Comment Re:Gun Registry (Score 1) 192

In practice limiting human death is a motivating concern for law in a civilized society

What percentage of murders are committed in America with "Assault Weapons", or "Assault Rifles", or were ever murdered with "a Bazooka", or even the famously banned in California 50 BMG rifle, care to guess or look it up? Because if it's a really big percentage then you have a point, otherwise you're just making odd mewling sounds.

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