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Comment Re: Oh, god damn it. (Score 1) 1066

No, it's a good analogy, because basically the intent of saying "We shouldn't do anything because China and India aren't"

Except we have strict laws all over our industry WRT pollution, so we ARE following some rules (taking trash to the landfill) they need to catch up on. Then, once they get there, we can talk about further mutual compliance. So no, we are not doing nothing, we are insisting they do what we are already doing before we further hobble ourselves.

Comment Re:The truth is that it does not matter. (Score 1) 1066

Nuclear fission as an energy source. Eventually we will realize it's the only way forward and we will adopt it and perfect it and stop burning our plastic (er, I mean oil) for energy. We can keep denying this and put off the inevitable, or face the fact and start sooner. We need energy, period, and we're going to have it. Sooner we face that and then move on with the next step the better.

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