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Comment Re:Um fellas .... (Score 1) 78

True. How does 19 + 13 + 3 = 35 illustrate that? I really think an example like yours (except including the addends), or some other easier to see but valid example that adds to a prime like the first example would be more illustrative. All the second example shows is that 3 odd numbers (who happen to also be primes in that example) result in an odd number.

Comment Re:Really? Why? (Score 1) 852

That's sort of funny because a lot of Republicans say it's a Democrat running against a Democrat. Given Trumps past support of Democrats during primaries and so on I'd say that R vs R position is slightly, but not a lot, stronger. I am not registered as either, as a matter of full disclosure. I tend to lean "leave me alone and I'll afford you the same courtesy".

Comment Re:The more hated windows 10 is (Score 1) 234

It's going to be both, I'm not sure which one would be the majority contributor. Also, Dell does pay for Win10 licenses, albeit not much per copy, so that cost has to be offset on the Windows machines. Microsoft actually sometimes pays in the form of a deeper OEM discount if the OEM leaves the shovelware off, but it's often the case that the ISVs outbid them.

Comment Re:The more hated windows 10 is (Score 4, Insightful) 234

Executive summary: It makes total sense if you have any inkling of how the PC business works. ISVs pay hardware makers to pre-install their software on consumer PCs, thus partially subsidizing the PC for the consumer. They consider it a marketing expense. Yes, you actually do get PAID to have that shovelware put in front of your face. Couple that with the larger unit volumes for Win10 equipped devices and there's your answer.

Comment Re: That's not even the worst part (Score 1) 98

I can't back that up but I have really good results with Seagate, and all my drives are in a couple servers (a FreeNAS and an ESXi box) with decent cooling. So I can't say you're right, but my evidence sure doesn't say you're wrong either. Personally I like them, and I'll likely get a bunch of 8tb ones for my next NAS box.

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