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Comment Re:It's a shame. (Score 0) 90

The Hub on Andud fucking sucks and has no where near the capabilities of BB10, also wtf they charge for the Andud version? A buck a month? lol gtfo with that nonsense.

I love BB10, fucking hate my shitty AT&T Passport. Wish I had a Z30. Just grabbed an iPhone however so when the Passport dies, I'll be okay.

Comment Re:Why do people getting so stupid about this? (Score -1) 376

That is why I have a Win 7 partition for those rare occasions I need something Windows only. Made the switch in 2009 to Linux and all the "everyday" tasks I did in Windows I can do with ease in Linux, usually better. Maybe it is time to move on to a multi-OS world and leave the mind state of one OS is all I can use or have to use. Also there is so many FOSS counterparts to Windows software that even the excuse can't really cut it anymore. I honestly only have Win 7 for Stardew Valley and BlackBerry Link. Soon SDV will be cross platform so even less time will be spent in Windows.

Comment Re:Everybody loves? Not quite. (Score 0) 420

"Apple has arrived at a very safe place, it is responsible for something everybody loves, so it feels it has to keep it going."

Not quite. Apple is responsible for something many people love. Not me. I much prefer the features of Android to the point that I wouldn't consider an iPhone. iOS is an inferior product for functionality (specifically, customizability of the user interface) and it doesn't play well with non-Apple software and has excessively restrictive controls on what the user can do with their device. I have other issues with Google (their data use policies). There's room in my mind and wallet for a new player with better for the customer data use policies and an Android-like feature set.

Yeah its called BlackBerry.

Comment Re:Actually... I'm glad. (Score 0) 321

I do like it more in general. However, I like it more because I am not a marketing tool for Google when I use Firefox. I can also install more privacy and ad blocking related extensions when I use Firefox. These are the main reasons why I use Firefox. There are others, more stable, less headaches from end users, etc. Browsers aside, the real problem is Flash. It really needs to die. Security risks up the wazoo, memory leaks galore, and made the web a shit filled advertisted and prostituted out pop up freak fest. Flash fuck you. Adobe you ruined the web.

IE you suck less now, but Microsoft you need to put your foot down and ban Flash from Windows.

The only good thing Apple ever gave to us was no flash on iOS. HTML5 or bust please.

Comment Re:I really wish they would try this (Score -1) 858

The country is already divided pretty equally down the middle. Religious zealots want pro life, guns, war, and no Gubberment. Non religious sensible folk want universal health care, no war, no class warfare, etc. Basically you can choose to progress to the future or regress to a cave, depending on which side you choose.

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