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Comment why the debate? (Score 1) 341

The job of academia is to inform people, the job of (at least an american) citizen is to make their own choices and live with the consequences.

IF your consequence is that your child isn't allowed into some private schools.. well then, that's your choice. BUT public schools should not have the right to require a parent to "be a parent in whatever way the government currently sees fit" it's BS.

I really don't understand why this whole issue is suddenly EVERYWHERE in the press.. OMFG some people make bad decisions despite research, news at 11! Think of the children!.. the ones that were vaccinated and not at risk, or the ones who's parents made a choice on? Cause, i get the basic feeling that there isn't even an actual problem here..

the only REAL possible problem is the vaccinations themselves. since they aren't 100% effective, if you are in public you get a slightly more weighted dice roll on wether or not the thing even worked.. you get that by traveling to another country too.. soo should we be banning that?

it's enough to make a person go all tin-foil hat and wonder why the novaccies are being attacked in the media so urgently..

Comment Re:Nah (Score 1) 128

more likely scenarios include, stumbling across any cartel operation and getting killed, or being told, hey we're going to make you this offer, you'll get paid a ton, but you have to disappear, say no, and yer dead. or as a poster below says.. aliens

Comment Re:I think its pretty clear who the winner is. (Score 1) 101

Sorry, 9/11 has nothing to do with this.. as much as the "watershed moment of our generation" should be blamed for.. treating a potential explosive device like this is SOP for every bomb squad.. ever... This one didn't look exactly like the other one, it had 2 pipes strapped to it with wires sticking out of it.

but hey, let's stick to the fear answer. it's working great so far.

Comment well... (Score 4, Insightful) 101

my first thought was, after they knew about the first one.. having a second cause problems is a bit stupid.. then of course they leave out that this second student strapped two metal pipes to the side with wires sticking out of em "for stability".. and I realize just how stupid people really can be..

yeah I made this art project that looks exactly like a uhaul truck and "parked" it in front of a federal building in oklahoma.. seriously, why'd you arrest me?!

Comment Re:Terrorists Everywhere! (Score 2) 208

im gonna have to say, that school... isn't really a learning institution so much as a christian day care.

from your linked article:
“He loves that book. They were studying the solar system and he took it to school. He thought his teacher would be impressed,” the boy's father said. He went on to explain that, after the teacher discovered that the children’s encyclopedia contained a section on pregnancy, including an illustration of a pregnant woman, bringing it in was deemed a suspension-worthy offence.

and thay can't seem to speel too wail for a news sight. Slashdot editors moonlighting?

Comment Re:Hate to be the guy who called this in. (Score 1) 208

Sorry, this isn't a 9/11 reaction. this is the reaction to a potential explosive device.
If you can be killed by being within 100 feet of something, and you're only say 20% sure of what it is, do you say.. eff it, prolly some science project or something? no, you remove it. how do you remove a potential life threatening thing? do you jiggle it around and see if it goes boom? or just make sure it goes boom in an expected way with people and property out of the way?
and that's just the FIRST news paper article that comes up when you google bomb squad
but hey.. 9/11

Comment Re: Not a laywer. (Score 1) 224

I have no idea why this is superior to sending a web link, but this is what they do.

because then people expect their bank originated e-mails to have nice "click here" links in them so they can easily just click and enter their username and password at the handy site that.. wait, why did i have to login twice?

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