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Submission + - Leisure Suit Larry remake will be "be dirtier than anything on the Internet" (

chronodev writes: Replay Games Inc's Kickstarter Campaign, Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!, has raised over $350,000 out of the $500,000 goal, with 16 days to go as of the time of writing this article.

In a Reddit IAmA, addressing a concern that "adult jokes and saucy environment in a computer game" are no longer a novelty today because of the web, creator Al Lowe promised that the remake will be "dirtier than anything on the internet."


Submission + - How indie developers stop pirates (

chronodev writes: An Indie game creator — Garry Newman (Garry's Mod) found a creative way of dealing with pirates. He put in an error in his game that triggered when running a pirated version of the game. He then asked in his tweeted if anyone was "unable to shade polygon polynomials". Soon responses flowed in, unveiling those users who pirated the game.

Submission + - Pokemon trade goes HORRIBLY wrong! (

chronodev writes: Two kids trade pokemon. One of them is unhappy with the name of the pokemon he recieved, and is even more upset when he learns that the name cannot be changed. He wants his pokemon back. Huge forum fight ensues. Very Funny!!

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