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Comment Re:Self-fulfilling prophecies (Score 2, Interesting) 221

Psychohistory (Asimov's Foundation series) suffers the same flaw. The key was to have a small group hold the answers, and guide/warn when appropriate. The trouble then becomes selecting a group that we can trust with the wealth of nations, and the power to destroy by proclamation. I don't trust any group with that much power not to grow corrupt. Best that this secret be out and become useless.

Comment Lies! (Score 1) 271

Lies. Offensive and outrageous lies.

Microsoft would never bribe several countries to corrupt and invariably damage a well respected standards board just to get one of their formats certified as a standard. Microsoft is a large, wealthy, and well respected company known for integrity and trustworthiness. The users of Microsoft software trust Microsoft, even trusting them to install new updates to their computer monthly. With so many trusting Microsoft so implicitly, how could anyone even insinuate such outlandish accusations against the absolute cornerstone of the software field.

If such accusations were true, then what would follow? That their updates are untrustworthy or that Microsoft may update your system in a way that benefits only Microsoft and not their customer - you? To question Microsoft's intentions, trustworthiness and integrity would cast a foreboding shadow across the entire computer landscape. And placing their vast wealth and political power aside, Microsoft holds a massively dominate share of the market, and arguably has immense power on that basis alone.

No, I refuse to believe that Microsoft is anything but an example, a leader of exactly how a software company should succeed. All software firms looking to proser should look no further than Microsoft for a blueprint of success. We should encourage Microsoft by buying their products and debunking such baseless lies leveled against them in jealousy. Trust Microsoft. If you are running Windows, don't you already? Aren't you trusting them now? You use their software, you should trust them.

There is no reason to doubt Microsoft. They do not lie, they do not cheat. They got to where they are today by being the best, and selling the best, and treating their customers with respect, and earning their customers respect. The people, and governments, would not allow Microsoft to do the things it is accused of doing. No one would stand for it. If someone did not trust Microsoft, they would not use their software to bank, email, and hold some of their most valuable and private data secure. Don't hate Microsoft. Trust Microsoft. Microsoft has never done anything to deserve anything other than respect, admiration, trust, and the continued use and purchase of their products.

Thank you.

Google Shows Off Ad-Supported Cell Phone 290

taoman1 writes "Today Google showed off a ad-supported cellphone that the company plans to offer for free to interested parties. The product could reach the marketplace within a year, and will offer Google search, email, and a web browser. 'The move would echo another recent product launched by a phone industry outsider, Apple Inc.'s iPhone. But Google's product would draw its revenue from a sharply different source, relying on commercial advertising dollars instead of the sticker price of at least US$499 for an iPhone and $60 per month for the AT&T Inc. service plan. Negotiating the fairest way to split those advertising revenues with service providers could be a big hurdle for Google, one analyst said. Another problem is the potential that consumers could be scared off by the prospect of listening to advertisements before being able to make phone calls, said Jeff Kagan, a wireless and telecommunications industry analyst in Atlanta.'"

KDE 4.0 Beta 1 Released 249

dbhost writes "Along with this morning's cup of coffee and log reviews, I discovered that the KDE team is moving forward with a long awaited beta release of KDE 4.0 beta release of KDE 4.0. The most interesting item I found in the notes is that the file manager in KDE is being separated from Konqueror into a component called Dolphin. Also, according to the announcement, konsole has been treated to a number of improvements such as split view, and history highlighting."

Introducing the Slashdot Firehose 320

Logged in users have noticed for some time the request to drink from the Slashdot Firehose. Well now we're ready to start having everybody test it out. It's partially a collaborative news system, partially a redesigned & dynamic next-generation Slashdot index. It's got a lot of really cool features, and a lot of equally annoying new problems for us to find and fix for the next few weeks. I've attached a rough draft of the FAQ to the end of this article. A quick read of it will probably answer most questions from how it works, what all the color codes mean, to what we intend to do with it.

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