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Comment Where's the hardware that just works? (Score 1) 933

Every time I've ever tried linux I've run into minor annoying hardware support issues that over time make it just not worth the hassle when I can easily afford a Mac. Can someone point me to any currently available, inexpensive notebooks where all of the hardware is fully supported in linux and has a trackpad that doesn't suck?

Comment Re:"Microsoft's Downfall" (Score 1) 407

Had they recognized the wave of competition in digital and the commodization of digital cameras, and instead of shifting to low end competitions with manufacturers of cheap equipment and focused on the higher-end large margins in the commercial market (as IBM did with computers), they might have survived.

Yeah, they sort of tried that too but the Graphic Communications division is saddled with the same clueless fucktard executives as the rest of the company. They used to have great service and support but now they can't even keep their software up to date with current releases of Java and quality control on their consumables has gone down hill. They had a pretty dominant position in the printing industry but they're pissing that away now too.

Comment Re:Have they actually found it? (Score 2, Interesting) 652

Go watch the movie again. It is unusually hot where I live. You say it's unusually cold where you live. That is not contradictory to what he was saying in the movie. The theory is that climate change will manifest itself differently in different areas. I watched the movie and his message seemed completely plausible to me. If he's wrong, no big deal. We spend a lot of money on lots of dumb things. Spending a little extra to convert to carbon neutral energy sources that don't funnel money to our enemies doesn't seem all that bad to me. If you're wrong, we're fucked.

Comment Re:America what? You mean United States? (Score 1) 1359

Nobody that isn't a pedantic douchebag calls themselves American unless they are from the USA. The United States of America is the only country in either the North American or South American continents with America in the actual name of the country. A Chilean telling someone he's an American isn't really being very honest when the only useful information he's conveying is that he's from somewhere in the western hemisphere.

Your analogy doesn't really fit anyway because whether an Englishman calls himself English, British, or European there's no reason for confusion since most people aren't idiots and they can tell the difference between the nation, kingdom and continent because they have completely different names.

The only reason this keeps coming up is some people are too stupid to put the answer in the context of the question. If you ask me what my nationality is and I say American and you take that to mean "from somewhere in the western hemisphere" then you're a fucking idiot because there are no other countries named America. If I ask you your nationality and you say American but you're a citizen of Peru then you're still a fucking idiot because I asked what country you're from.

Comment Re:Failed experiment? (Score 2) 124

Yes, roll reduction has been a concern, but as you point out - the one feature of Sea Shadow that contributed to that (the catamaran hull) isn't in operational use.

Well, there's the five HSV/TSVs, the FSF 1 Sea Fighter, the Spearhead class JHSVs and the Independence class LCS trimarans. I would think the catamaran experience learned from the Sea Shadow must have had some effect on the decision to procure those vessel types.

Comment Re:Still More Than Google Makes On Apple Devices (Score 1) 366

The article you linked to actually says the complete opposite. It says "Apple Inc., maker of the iPad, 40.5 million shipped worldwide, 62 percent share". That would mean that all other tablets shipped would fall in to the 48% share. Which would mean that the iPad out sold all other tablet devices combined.

Actually it's even worse than you make it sound. If Apple iPads are 62% of the market then all others would be 38%. Amazon Kindle Fire and B&N Nook may be Android based but Google doesn't get any revenue from them, so that's another 11% that doesn't help Google.

What you have left is Samsung and AsusTek which added together is 12%, plus whatever fraction that makes up the remaining 14% in the "other" group that is Android. Blackberry and WebOS should account for some part of that group.

So all Google really gets to count from a potential revenue perspective is somewhere between 12% and 26%.

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