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Submission + - EVE Online Customers demonstrate in central hub ( 4

An anonymous reader writes: After the leaked internal newsletter of company CCP that postulated that there are plans to sell ingame items for real money customers are demonstrating in the game.

Submission + - Eve Online and $60 microtransactions? ( 2

BeanBagKing writes: CCP Games, who develops the popular MMO Eve Online seems to have stirred several hornets nests at once during a major expansion. First was their idea of micro transactions, on item costing $60 by itself. Second was a leaked memo (linked below) detailing future plans for more micro transactions, ones that would give players a clear advantage. This has players on the forums outraged, there is even a forum post dedicated to articles from gaming magazines, sites, and blogs that show CCP in a bad light.

Comment Re:When web apps... (Score 1) 294

And tell us how you would do that? How would you make a web page that convinces the user that they should click 'okay' on your installer instead of going to the system app center / repositories?

Some distributions have become better at it recently but it used to be the norm that after setting up a desktop linux box you would have to add at least 1-3 3rd party repositories to get non-free software (graphics drivers, adobe stuff, ...) and software of dubious legality (DVD playback, msfonts, media codecs, ...).

I also remember very well having to install some early OOo versions into /opt via a standalone binary installer because the distribution I used at the time didn't include it at all.

So to answer your question - I wold tell the user that he is missing media codecs for some obscure video format and ask him to add the repository containing my "fake" codec packages to his package manager. That way I can make sure he always is running the latest version of my malware.

There are also linux-based software distribution systems that bypass a distro's package manager - klik, Zero Install, Autopackage, RUNZ, ...

Comment Re:Simple (Score 5, Informative) 401

Oh, and don't buy Apple... unless "cool" is worth a ~100% tax to you.

buy Apple if you see extra value in the operating system and the model you are considering to buy has been refreshed recently.

My experience is that Apple computers are usually priced quite competitively at the date of their release but their refresh cycles tend to be very long and there generally are no discounts until an improved revision is released - so Apple's offerings become more and more overpriced towards the end of the cycle.

Comment Re:Analyse this ! (Score 0) 265

Remember Mumbai? 166 killed, and 370 or so wounded? Al Qaeda would like to do the same in Europe. Why hasn't it happened? Active security measures and intelligence.

hate to break it to you (in fact I don't but nvm) but 540 people isn't that dramatic... Even in the small town I grew up in this would barely make a dent in the population graph - let alone in a city with a 13.8m population such as Mumbai.

Comment Re:I AM SPARTACUS - google civil disobediance (Score 1) 410

This is exactly like the guys (in that old movie) saying "I am Spartacus."

The same guys who were later crucified by Crassus (iirc) all the way along the Via Appia pour encourager les autres?

worked really well for them...

Spartacus was 70 BC, gladiator fights were gradually abolished in the 4th century AD, slavery was never abolished in the ancient Roman Empire.

Comment Re:Indoctrination cuts both ways (Score 1) 1238

They could easily paint slavery as the result of cultural sensitivity, since slavery was the traditional practice in Africa. (So many people seem to think slavery was about white guys going to African and throwing nets over random black villagers.)

This is generally believed to be wrong: there were 3 different slave trades going on in Africa: trans-saharan, over the indian ocean and last the atlantic slave trade. the first two had been going on for several hundred years before the last one started and it is (afaik) believed that african tribes had no concept of slavery before these slave trades introduced it (they had however concepts of serfdom by war prisoners - which are sometimes equated to slavery by more right-wing historians did, however, not grant the level of ownership that is usually equated to slavery). However, even then adoption of slavery was only a regional issue and most of the regions directly affected by the atlantic slave trade would probably not have come into contact with slavery before.

Role Playing (Games)

New EVE Online Expansion Detailed 96

Eurogamer reports on the EVE Online Fanfest, at which developer CCP revealed details on the game's next expansion, due out in March. It will be the biggest expansion yet for EVE, and it will "introduce 'Tech 3' modular ship designs, branching epic mission arcs, further improvements to the new player experience, and exploration of uncharted space through unstable wormholes. ... The focus of the expansion will be 'true exploration,' with players using new skills and modules to travel through wormholes into all-new, unconnected space." CCP also hinted that further graphical upgrades would be coming, and a standalone first-person shooter based on EVE may be in development for a console release.

New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google 649

theodp writes "CNET reports that Cuil (pronounced 'Cool'), a startup founded by the husband-and-wife team of Xift creator Tom Costello and former Google search architect Anna Patterson, is launching a new search engine today that claims to index three times as many Web pages as Google." Running a few searches left me underwhelmed with the content of the results (hitting the next-page button on a search with a listed 62,200,000 results — for "seattle" — got me the unexpected error message "We didn't find any results for 'seattle.'"), but pleased with the actual layout of the results when it worked, so I hope the kinks are worked out. Update 7/28 18:30 GMT by SM: corrected Tom Costello's accreditation, he wasn't a professor at Stanford as the linked story suggests, just did some research there as a grad student. Thanks to the Stanford CS department for pointing this out.

Comment Re:And I'm a scientist. (Score 1) 1158

And I'm a scientist - so let's test that. I'll hold a piano over his head suspended by a pulley and a rope. The Pope can say that he declares gravity to be heresy. I'll let go of the rope.
Has been tried before:

Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple, And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone. Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
(Mat. 4.5-7, KJV) There seem to be some serious limitations...
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - iPhone Unlocked! (

An anonymous reader writes: Only 74 days after its release, the iPhone has been unlocked, with a free, software-only solution from the iPhone Dev Team! Bravo Zulu — Job well done. Gentlemen, start your terminals!

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