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Comment Re:From TFA (Score -1) 213

I actually wonder about this, the UI for an Android App is run on one thread, anything related to loading data, or long running tasks, should be offloaded to another thread.. Would this thread not run on another core? If so, then every android app that accesses the internet now has to do so on a separate thread from the UI, which means they gain from multiple cores.

Comment Cost of iPads (Score -1) 372

I would guess every pilot would get an iPad. Sounds like a good plan, but Allied Pilots association says there are over 10,000 american airlines pilots.. So if an iPad and accessories cost $600 each, you are looking at 6 million dollar investment to save 1.2 million dollars. I hope they plan to keep those iPads for over 4 years.. Otherwise, I don't get the savings..

Comment Re:Misleading title (Score -1) 69

I think you are spot on.. It is about the fees, and Apple probably wants a fee comparable to what they got out of foxconn. I bet their costs are not much over foxconn costs, foxconn is making money on volume, and apple is raking it in on volume + markup. They are used to getting their way in contract negotiations, and seems that if it is not cheap enough, they cry foul.

Comment No other choice? (Score -1) 406

Seems that their other choice would be expanding their capacity. I would also wonder if their users are equally distributed across the month. If they have most users billing cycles start at a certain point of the month, I would expect there to be a huge spike in traffic after their throttle was removed. Or maybe they should ask Apple to help expand their network infrastructure..

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