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Submission + - Super Mario Overkill: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Mario? (modojo.com)

buffdaily247 writes: Super Mario 3D Land is less than a year old, and Nintendo has already announced another Mario title for 3DS, New Super Mario Bros. 2, set to launch in North America this August. Keep in mind this is in addition to Paper Mario 3DS, which may arrive sometime late 2012, early 2013. Of course, there's also Mario Tennis Open, due out end of May. Hell, Mario Kart 7 was last December.

Comment Re:Oh, if we could predict weather 3 days from now (Score 1) 371

lol Thats correct. Rather than have a conversion on WHY we can't predict the weather for 3 days let alone decades, just make personal attacks. Climate science doesn't have much data to go on, of course I still support their work. I don't think its mature enough yet to be useful to determine if its the sun or industrialization thats making the planet .3 degrees warmer over a ten year period or whatever the results seem to be this month.

If no one is willing to say anything and at least argue a few points, then we just have dumb ideas be popular opinion for decades. Gore still has multiple houses, and flies in jets. I don't see him acting like mother Teresa over global climate change. I don't even see him donating most of his own money toward it.

Anyone afraid of stock market change, political change, income change..etc? If people are afraid of change, then they are afraid of everything.

Comment Re:funny... (Score 1) 136

My mother a nurse had me on antibiotics every year for colds, ear aches...etc. It was an endless cycle till I was 26+. Now if I get a cold, I see to only feel sick for a couple hours, instead of days.

Of course now, I haven't been taking any of her normal advice. I eat more raw organic foods, eat grass fed beef, and take turmeric, quality CoQ10, and Vitamin D3 2500 UI. When everyone around me, even my wife (who has her own ideas) is getting sick with everyone else. I think I'm on the right track. I also work about 12+ hours a day including weekends. Main stream medical advice be damned, I don't need a flu shot.
Data Storage

Submission + - Cow dung investigated by HP as data centre power source (computerworlduk.com)

Qedward writes: HP Labs has conducted research into how the methane captured from cow manure could be used to generate electricity and power data centres.

Bruno Zago, environmental manager for HP EMEA, released details of the report at a HP Sustainability conference in Milan this week.

"Cows produce about 20 tonnes of manure per annum, which produces a substantial amount of methane. This is a gas we can actually use to power a generator to make electricity," said Zago...

Comment Re:Self-Treatment =/= Doctor (Score 1) 111

There are other reasons to do this. Small town doctors are terrible. It's better to double check on anything they say. I've mentioned things several times that I read on the Internet about in their own field, and they were oblivious. But they are also the kind of doctors that haven't learned anything new in 15 years. There are some good doctors, absolutely, but if you live in a small town, you might be stuck with someone who doesn't keep up.

The other problem is the time ratio. They examine you for 30 minutes, and come up with a 'solution'. Where you can research something for weeks in your spare time. Even if your doctor is a genus, are they really going to be able to best someone with half a brain that spends a lot of time researching a solution and has a large vested interest? Doubtful. In my personal experience, they don't seem to get much better with return visits and trial and error.

Comment Re:Child neglect (Score 1) 1271

I was five years old when I got the chicken pox. My friend had it too. He came over and we had a party all week.

I wouldn't exactly call chicken pox child abuse. Child chicken pox is much less worse that adult chicken pox. The pox immunity from an injection may only last a few years, and you could end up getting it as an adult anyway.

I really don't understand the hate toward people that think differently than you. I think a more rational, non-judgmental attitude might be more useful.

Comment Re:Swine flu (Score 1, Informative) 1271

My mother was a nurse. One of her best friends was PARALYZED from a flue vaccine. It's very sad, that could happen to someone apparently healthy.

There's over 24 vaccinations that are given to kids now. Russian roulette anyone?

Once you eliminate the right to choose, you can't avoid the land mines when they come. There will also ways be bad vacinee batches, and there will be vaccines that work was well as Vioxx eventually.

Comment Re:Consider me fired. (Score -1, Troll) 1271

Funny. Doctors think that these vaccine companies never make mistakes. If there's a bad batch floating around (it happens) can they fire you if your refuse?

I'm for some personal freedom into what kind of crap your going to inject into my bloodstream, and I'm going to some @#$! research on each component before you do.

My mom is a nurse, and her best friend was paralyzed from the flu shot. How's that instead of a @#$@ three days of down time?

Comment Brings Back Memories... Mark Ludwig was the BOMB (Score 1) 97

Brings back memories of when I was in high school... I bought Mark Ludwig's book, 'The big black book of computer viruses'.

I didn't actually write any viruses from reading the book, just a fun boot sector program that displayed subliminal messages. It also happened to get installed on a few choice computers.

Here's his 'little black book' book: http://vxheavens.com/lib/vml00.html. Of course his work talked about polymorphism over a decade ago.

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