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Simple and already exists, the first time a number is seen the caller gets a machine asking them to leave a message, this then gets forwarded to the recipient who can choose to take the call or not based on the message.
Once the call is taken the number is whitelisted and the caller gets through first time the next time.

Submission + - How to get around a crippled IP connection?

An anonymous reader writes: The definition of "Internet Connection" seem to be changing to "Internet, except port 80, blocked this, limited that, addresses translated this way..." My question is: What is the easiest way to get around these limitation to a real internet connection? I know it is possible to run IP over IP. (This is how they are doing staged upgrades from IPv4 to IPv6.) Has anyone run IP over IP or IP over SSH to get around limits of their ISP's connection? How did you do it and what was your experience?

Submission + - Wormholes Can Be Built, Scientists Say

An anonymous reader writes: According to Wired News' DANGER ROOM blog, scientists have theorized a way to build "Wormholes — those hypothetical short cuts in the space-time continuum — that have been theorized to allow everything from warp speed spacecraft to time travel. Now, researchers are suggesting we can actually create a type of wormhole using those fun metamaterials that everyone is all excited about lately."

Journal Journal: KDE 4.0 Release Schedule Finalised

The KDE Community and the release team have put together a release plan for the long anticipated version 4.0, which is planned to be released in October 2007. KDE 4.0 will be a major milestone for the Free Desktop, as it offers a new foundation and set of frameworks that will shape the desktop user experience for years to come. Users will benefit from improved speed through Qt 4, integration of hardware through Solid, multimedia performance via Phonon, usability enhancements by close collabor

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