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Comment Bend Broadband has had caps for over a decade (Score 1) 175

This is the first unlimited residential internet service they've ever provided. Providing it for people who subscribe to their TV service is a good first step... Their email server has been down for days while they switched email over to their new parent company, TDS Telecom. Their internet has been up and down for months for DOCSIS 3 hardware and firmware upgrades. I think this has put a black eye more than providing the first unlimited service to their customers.

Comment Seriously???? (Score 2) 536

Wow, an impossible problem to solve! Nobody who writes programs has ever installed their own wireless radio before? Drills and cat5 crimpers are beyond you, eh?

"Wireless is so exorbitant if I want to live here I have to have Comcast and they won't come!! I have to take a huge loss right now just to stay in business!!" -- Said some fucking idiot

Comment Re:OpenNTPD: 4 Out Of 5 Stars (Score 1) 79

It sets your local server time immediately if you use -s. Otherwise, it slowly drifts your local clock to the real time, which could take days if it is far off. I always use ntpd -s on boot for systems with no RTC. Or ntpd -s when my clock is way off. The drift feature is designed to keep software from freaking out due to sudden time changes.

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