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New Hungarian Government OMGs All Gov Sites 59

An anonymous reader writes "The new Hungarian government chose to replace the home pages with a 'disclaimer' page on several governmental websites such as ministries or the Foreign Office. The title and the main message is 'OMG,' which is followed by an explanation that the inherited websites 'lack any kind of uniform structure' and this is 'unworthy of Hungary.' Today is the takeover day in most ministries for the new administration."
GNU is Not Unix

FSF Asks Apple To Comply With the GPL For Clone of GNU Go 482

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "The Free Software Foundation has discovered that an application currently distributed in Apple's App Store is a port of GNU Go. This makes it a GPL violation, because Apple controls distribution of all such programs through the iTunes Store Terms of Service, which is incompatible with section 6 of the GPLv2. It's an unusual enforcement action, though, because they don't want Apple to just make the app disappear, they want Apple to grant its users the full freedoms offered by the GPL. Accordingly, they haven't sued or sent any legal threats and are instead in talks with Apple about how they can offer their users the GPLed software legally, which is difficult because it's not possible to grant users all the freedoms they're entitled to and still comply with Apple's restrictive licensing terms."

Comment Re:Okay, You Have the Floor (Score 1) 507

I share the same thoughts about what UK Health Services is doing with telling schoolchildren "masturbation is good" [...] -- UK Gov't Health tells kids to masturbate;Parents are angry. But when you have a monopoly, customer opinions don't matter

Where are you getting this info? I assume by "UK Health Services", you're referring to the NHS, but the top 2 google hits on NHS masturbation were one page saying (paraphrased) "social values have changed, it's no longer taboo" and another being a description of study that found masturbation at a young age may be linked to prostate cancer. Neither of those seem to be a call for the youth of Britain to get down with their bad selves.

Comment Re:Prices (Score 3, Insightful) 289

Why are all the prices in British Pounds? Did they just annex all those countries overnight or is the author of the article a lazy bastard?

The prices are in British Pounds, because the linked article is on a UK website. The author of the article is someone who is reporting the news to people in his country of origin. Congratulations on discovering that there's an entire world outside your country's borders!

Comment Re:just a thought (Score 2, Interesting) 293

If it's on the same multiplex, it's quite easy to do (with DVB, anyway, dunno what sort of craziness might be involved in ATSC).

If it's not on the same multiplex, you'd need at least one other tuner in the box (2 if sequential "channel" numbers are all on different multiplexes). Quite often that's the case, though, particularly in boxes which offer picture-in-picture or "record one channel, watch another" type functionality.

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