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Comment Re:But it was Ok to ban most of California voters? (Score -1) 562

here is an idea, keep your nose out of other peoples business, if they want to love the same sex as themselves, then let them, its none of your business, if you want to vote or discuss ideas that invade other peoples private lives, then dont be surprised when they invade your private life and tell you to go fuck yourself

Comment Re:Diversity Bullshit (Score -1) 562

its toxic to you because you, or people who you are referring to, hold opinions which are toxic to people who want to respect other peoples rights.

"Prop 8, officially titled Proposition 8 - Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry, was a statewide ballot proposition in California"

So anybody supporting that, should get blackballed, its none of their business who marries who, go fuck yourself if you think otherwise.

If you want to get up into somebody else's business, then don't complain when they equally get all up in yours, not cool with that? then keep your opinions to yourself, where nobody can hear them and have to deal with them.

Comment Re:SystemD? (Score -1) 541

Great! What can we do to speed up this process a bit, its about time that linux started to replace some of its aging, creaking old architecture with new tools liberated of old, out of date practices and effectively made a system which took care of the things I really dont give a shit about.

My computer is not my work, I use it to do my work, I do not want to spend time configuring it, I want to spend time doing my work and enjoying myself, I really couldnt give a fuck how to configure it 90% of the time.

Comment Re: How about we hackers? (Score -1) 863

bye!!! /waves enthusiastically.....

in all seriousness, who cares what you happy, live a good life, use freebsd....I couldn't care less and neither could most of the internet, I just want a system that works, systemd has done for that me, if it doesn't do it for you, nobody is stopping you from leaving, so please just do it and please stop making sure everybody knows it every time the opportunity comes up to tell them....nobody is interested that much what you do...

thats the brutally honest truth of the matter....nobody cares...

Comment Re:Sounds like he hasn't gotten the message (Score -1) 993

he didn't foist it on anybody, he developed it and other software saw the benefit in the ideas and ran with it, that meant the majority of people who make the decisions felt it was a good idea because over time instead of forking the software and going back in time, more and more people fell into the idea.

now, people might just be lazy and can't be bothered to do the effort of forking and maintaining a codebase which is not systemd, but thats not the systemd guys fault, it's the fault of the lazy people.

nobody forced you to use it, please, go and use a distro which doesnt use it and failing that, make one yourself, but if the majority of people are using it and those people are in decision making positions and you're not, then your opinion isn't important because obviously nobody listens to you enough to do it your way.

thats what REALLY happened....

Comment Re:No... (Score -1) 533

seems you like being an integral part in the way your computer works, you're also a minority.

people don't care how the init process works, we just don't, I have to do my work, my job isn't to make sure my computer works long enough to do my job, my job is my job, the computers job is to figure out how it can run long enough for me to complete that job.

if the computer can't do that, then it's not doing the job.

I don't want to configure ANYTHING, the computer knows, the computer is the expert, intelligent people tool the system with enough knowledge so it can automatically configure itself and then people like me can just do what we want to do.

which is _USE_ a computer, but not be _PART_ of a computer.

it's 2014, time to stop living like it's 1980 all over again. we're not going back to those times, so quit your bitching and either stump up time to fix it, or be the guy who gets laughed at whenever he starts to moan about stuff practically nobody cares about.

Comment Re:I would think (Score 0) 379

disagree: mocking people for making mistakes that they should know better is a way to help that person permanently try harder to avoid those mistakes in the future.

with failure, comes mockery, especially if you are skilled and it should never have happened.

mistakes can't go unpunished, even if the person doing the punishing is yourself, you can't tell other people to back off, you deserve it, sit back and take it on the chin and try harder next time otherwise people won't have any reason to try, because the penalty for failure is barely noticeable.

Comment Re:They may not officially coordinate (Score -1) 155

thats not an unfortunate consequence, thats a proof, that when you move your ass forward in some meaningful way, nobody really cares about the technical details, if they did, they wouldn't use it, but they do, because users have got better things to do and all this flip flopping does is give programmers code boners

but everybody else, doesn't give a flying squirrel.....

Comment Re:Infighting: Linux's biggest weakness (Score 1, Interesting) 155

which is fine when you're a cat, but when you're a group of supposed computer experts who think the world should be a better place and want to improve upon the old, it's not fine, it's a complete waste of energy and the top #1 reason why linux only makes steps forward when somebody steps forward to take that charge, e.g. Linus, Google (with android), Nvidia, ATI, the wayland team

can you remember how bad the linux desktop was before ubuntu? it was atrocious....what about before

the list is probably endless if you ask somebody for other examples, but I think I've made my point

Comment Re:It's personality (Score -1) 312

I'm one of those guys who learned how to program on my own with just my friends to teach me what I needed to get going, then when I went, I dropped out of uni and spent a couple of years in the wilderness trying to fix what I felt was a broken career, with only my peers to teach me what I did wrong and how to get where I wanted to go.

Whilst I know I can't do everything, the parts that I do know, I outclass many people who sit beside me, not trying to be egotistical, I'm just pointing out that learning because you need a job is not the reason to learn, you need to learn this stuff because you love it, because in the dark hours of the night, when you're hunting for a bug, your university degree won't help you, only your intellect will.

Maybe the guy beside me learned because he liked to be a programmer, whilst I learned because I was a programmer....there is a difference......

The viciously committed self educated people learn those key parts because they realised and understand why they are important, but skip the other parts we see as "fluff", we tend to not get caught up in minor trends because we know it's just a cool hip scene that in 6 months will be dead and buried.

Not to put down those who did study in university, or didn't do what I did, but I have not yet met a single programmer who was as good as me because they studied at university, every one of them was good in spite of it.

At the end, we sit at the same table and do the same things, so one way is not better than the other

Comment Re:Flashblock is my middle ground (Score -1) 731

I would hug you if I could, because you are like my brother, I have the exact same problem every single day.....I hate it.....sometimes their lack of knowledge makes me cry....sometimes I wonder who would hire such a useless programmer in the first place....

but in a way I'm happy, because my fridge has a very nice bottle of cava bought from the wages I earned fixing a website built by one of those morons....they are useful for one purpose, keeping me employed.

Comment Re:Over a decade (Score -1) 246

I will quite happily sacrifice all the dozen desktops, dozen screensavers with configurable options, all the sound daemons with their even increasingly complex bugs which seem to appear from nowhere JUST to get ONE set of components which work flawlessly

linux desktop software development is like trying to herd a 100 retarded cats....

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 340

as interesting as it is, it's not really the point.

the point is, in the 21st century, we don't need to deal with this anymore, we can do better, so lets do that, it might not have 100% of the features the old system has, but it might be possible over time to implement those features in a more sane way, with better knowledge and tools that what they had in the 80's when they built this system.

that x is so old, badly designed and hacky that it actually curtails people from using it, preferring to hide away in the toolkits and never touch x directly, just means that x is in fact irrelevant and for most people, they won't even know x is gone, cause the toolkits will just make them unaware of that.

so, lets support them cleaning the house, we'll be left with a better architecture, better performance (even more than in your graphs) cause surely deleting a bunch of this crap and making a cleaner, better structure will result in memory and performance improvements.

thats the point, not that compared to windows, we're doing ok, it's about being compared to ourself, it's a shit job, lets try again

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