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Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 141

You sound like a man that got burned by bing weather

I feel yeah, I looked at bing weather on my windows phone and it said no rain today. "Cool," I say and take the motorcycle to work. It's been raining almost 4 hours now, plus flood warnings are being issued, and looking on weather underground this is not going to end anytime soon. I'm driving home in the rain.

Thank's bing weather.

Comment Re:Umm no. (Score 1) 257

Even Microsoft can make an OS that doesn't require the manufacturer's blessing to install updates. Google needs to fix the OS, not the OEMS.

Disagree. An example: Windows Mobile 10 was "finalized" months ago, but manufacture BLU is still struggling to release a Windows 10 rom for their Win HD device. It's unfinished and buggy as hell.

Comment Privacy Concern (Score 4, Insightful) 64

Both companies are known for their data collection/mining of their user base, so this concerns me a bit. I know the article says the cable will be managed by Telxius but I wonder how much influence Microsoft and Facebook will have over that management? They are calling the cable "open" but they proceed to speak about how much benefit it will be to the Azure platform and possible Facebook. Will MS and FB traffic always have priority over everyone else? I just don't trust this whole endeavor because I really don't trust either of these two companies anymore.

Comment Don't see this turning out too good for Microsoft (Score 1) 232

I understand why Microsoft is doing this, but I just don't see this ending well for them. I would set temp passwords for new hires to things like $$Znxa1543 and they would almost murder me. The users would complain, the managers would complain, everyone would just complain that the passwords were too hard. For some reason some users just can't remember anything more complex than something like "May-2016" or some such like that. All Microsoft is going to do is force these people to set passwords they will never remember and wind up with millions of locked accounts and millions of unhappy people.

Comment Love the quote at the end (Score 2) 113

The end of the article:

"And as long as it has taken the company, Microsoft has still arguably achieved something that its competitors have not... It took more than two decades to get there, but Microsoft still somehow got there first."

Translation: We don't know what we did, bet we did it first.

On another note, such a shame. I still wish they would dump that secure boot crap and let the hobbyist/modding community go to town like they did on WP7. IMHO I think that would do more to attract developers than trying to wave their unified development platform around. Take down the walled garden and let the hobbyist and modders go to town customizing and hacking roms once again.

Comment Re:You mean Windows phones are rare as unicorns? (Score 1) 288

... like both Bing Maps vs HERE Maps from Nokia...

BRING BACK HERE MAPS!!! That was one of the best maps before MS bought Nokia and when they made it part of WP it was still really good. Now they are phasing HERE maps/drive out with the Microsoft Maps or Bing maps or whatever it is. Really, really bad. I tried using the MS Maps the other day and it was like when Apple dropped Google maps with their own in house maps, that crap took me everywhere but where I actually wanted to go. I actually had to find where I was going by using the good ol fashioned method it was so bad. 0/10 will print directions from Google Maps on the PC before using MS maps again.

As far as the apps story goes, in the US, it's true that it's clearly wanting. There is no Lyft, no Vonage, no 8x8, no Uber Partner, no RetailMeNot and a lot of apps are missing. But in other countries, where people are not hugely into apps, it's not a major deal. Here in India, I have on this phone all the major shopping sites (FlipCart, Snapdeal, Amazon), my local bank is fully supported, transactional apps like FreeCharge & Oxigen, Olacabs and enough more to make it worth the while.

Good for you because the only service we use at my work that I can use on my WP is Office365. I have inquired from all other services about when I can expect a WP app and I am told, "Never." Same with my bank and for virtually any other nonwork service I pay for and use except Netflix and Paypal. I don't watch netflix on the phone and there is only one store I occasionally visit that will let me pay with paypal from my phone. So my WP is pretty much worthless except for checking emails, which there is an awesome bug where I click on the email in the notification center it takes me to a random email in a random synced account. Good times when checking emails in the office with coworkers looking at your screen, I call it email russian roulette.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 564

Honestly, Microsoft doesn't seem that far from being the next cryptolocker. Microsoft has been hinting at a subscription based model ever since Windows 8 came out, if they happen to move to that and you don't pay for a few months, what happens? It seems very easy to lock you out and force you to pay what you own to get back into your system.

Comment Re:You mean Windows phones are rare as unicorns? (Score 4, Informative) 288

As a current Windows Phone user, no you don't. I started on Windows Phone 7 and I'm still here in WP10, the experience has pretty much gone down hill. With the Exception of WP8.1, that was halfway decent. Everything else has just..... sucked. Microsoft hid the date applications were last updated in their app store because many of their apps have turned into abandon ware. Android and iOS are so far a head in features and functionality, I really do get envious when I pick up an iPhone or a mid to highend Android device.

Comment Re:Chromebook is great (Score 1) 177

I really like how you left Windows Phone out of the mix there. As someone who currently has a Windows 10 phone and a tablet that runs Windows 10 I think you are being over optimistic. I remember one of the big selling points with Windows 8.x on tablets was the ability to have the desktop on your tablet. When my tablet was running Windows 8.x and it would switch over to the desktop, it would absolutely infuriate me. I wanted the metro interface on my tablet and my desktop on my desktop computer and laptop. And when I did try to force myself to accept and like a desktop on a tablet it just angered me even more because of how bad it functioned.

When the update for my tablet hit I updated it to Windows 10 and they finally had it where you could put it in a tablet mode, but the damage was done to me by then. I had picked up a Chromebook and fell in love with that it. I haven't touched that tablet in months, I have zero interest for windows on a tablet now, and I don't see any compelling reason to turn the tablet on and use it anymore. Seriously, I updated the tablet to Windows 10 and then used it for about 10 minutes, kind of shrugged my shoulders and went, "Meh," powered it off, put it up and haven't thought about it until today. What is so special about windows on a tablet? As I sit here and think about it I cannot think of anything which would make me want to stop using my Chromebook or abandon my Linux desktop to spend time on that tablet.

Then there is my Windows Phone, or Windows Mobile, or whatever MS is calling it these days. I started on WP7 and it was cool because there was a decent modding community and you could put custom roms on your device. Sure, it didn't have some of the features that iOS or Android had, and it was lacking 3rd party apps, but it at least had a cool modding community. Then came WP8 and MS shat on the modding community with their secure boot BS. Out went the custom roms, cool stuff, and the community. Still WP8.x lacked some of the features that iOS and Android had and still lacked good 3rd party apps. Don't misunderstand me here, there are 3rd party apps in the windows store but most are total crap that is either spam of some sorts or is now abandon ware. I will say I liked WP8.1, I found that alright just needed to 3rd party apps. Then they dropped WP10 and the update hit my phone so I eagerly updated. I LOST functionality on my MS Band.My MS Band works better with Android now then it does with my Windows Phone. I hate the layout of Outlook in WP10, I hate the layout of the messaging app in WP10. I also hate the layout of the dialer. In fact, I hate the layout of just about everything in WP10, it's so backwards and unintuitive. Now I have to clear notifications one at a time instead of clearing them all at once. Still shit apps in the apps store. What the heck is up with the one handed mode? It's more annoying than helpful. Cortana and dictation no longer work. Still no modding community. I pick up someones iPhone and I say this phrase about ten times, "Wow, I wish my phone did that." I pick up someones Android and say the same thing. But, at least my WP has a decent battery life, I am going to attribute that to no apps worth running to drain your battery.

Window Phone 10 is just as unimpressive as Windows on tablets it.

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