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Comment Re:How they 'cut distance' travelled (Score 1) 359

As one of the comments on the Independent story notes, the gains UPS achieved this way explain why roundabouts are so much more efficient than traffic lights. Moreover, as roundabouts allow left turns, they can increase efficiency without increasing distance (and while reducing accidents). The U.S., however, seems stoically anti roundabout. Every city appears to have a token roundabout, and it functions, as far as I can tell, to induce panic in all drivers and thus prevent more from being built.

Comment Not so new (Score 1) 45

While claiming to be a new approach, a glance at the early Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society indicates that this idea is very old. The modern journal's move to "cohesive stories" was in many ways a reaction to the initial idea of listing observations and discoveries. Hence, the table of contents of the first issue (March 6, 1667) includes:

- An Account of the Improvement of Optick Glasses at Rome
- Observations ... of a Spot on one of the Belts of the Planet Jupiter
- Motions of the late Comet predicted
- Relations of a very odd Monstrous Calf
- A Peculiar Lead-Ore in Germany
- the New American Whale

Perhaps the final item before the list of new books and "lately dead" anticipates the change to cohesiveness: - Narrative concerning the success of Pendulum-Watches at Sea

Submission + - Amazon the female warrior (

chpoot writes: The Guardian reveals the gender breakdown among Amazon's management "S Team." At one end of the team of 132 are 12 secretaries. All are female. At the other end are 12 who report directly to Jeff Bezos. All are male. Of the 119 remaining when Bezos and the secretaries are put to one side, 18 are female. Amazon, of course, grew out of book selling. Book selling, publishing, and writing have all a fairly admirable tradition of employing women. In its attempts to overthrow traditional book selling, Amazon seems to have been particularly successful in subverting that part of the tradition.

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