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Comment Re:not surprised (Score 2) 105

Really? Because google works great for me.

Not being facetious... just giving my anecdote.

What kinds of things are you searching for?

Most of my searching is technical related (either about nuclear engineering or programming in Python or C++). I find that Google is fast and the top couple of hits are almost always what I want.

Can you give some examples of searches that go awry?

Comment Re:We're All Dying (Score 2) 508

Your path is pretty close to mine. Here's me:

I went Windows 95->Windows 98->Slackware w/Elightenment (2 years)->Gentoo w/KDE (8 years)->OS X (ongoing)

(Note: many of the years with Slackware/Gentoo I also dual-booted some version of windows for games)

KDE3 was seriously great. I was a Qt programmer at the time... and it felt *powerful*. I could string together new apps in no time... or customize something to be just the way I wanted it.

These days I make my money doing massively parallel scientific computing. All code is written in OS X and runs on huge Linux clusters. OS X just works as a desktop... with full UNIX capability.

Comment Re:More like 11 reasons to be depressed about tech (Score 1) 282

I agree - I would like a citation as well.

But... I can believe it's a high number. Cows drink... a lot... every day. Not only that, but the water is generally distributed through a bunch of troughs / etc. that probably waste quite a bit of water as well (just the evaporation itself has to be pretty massive).

Comment Hell No (Score 5, Insightful) 290

We already fought this battle once... the enemy at that point was Voice Mail (may it rest in peace).

Unnecessary email is annoying, but easily dealt with. Unnecessary voice mail is the scourge of the earth. There is no way to easily flip through it to see if there is something interesting buried in there and people are apt to leave messages that are FAR too long. Further, I can read WAY faster than I can listen to someone slowly get around to the point of their message.

No: voice mail failed for good reasons... and it needs to stay dead.

Comment Response to AppleTV (Score 0) 263

This is the first move in response to what Apple is doing with the AppleTV. AppleTV currently has a small foothold in gaming... but it's growing.

Apple has shown, with iPhones/iPads, that it can put out a revision of their hardware every year and keep backwards compatibility with a huge App library. After a few years/revisions the AppleTV will be just as powerful as current-gen consoles and (just as we saw with mobile gaming overtaking mobile consoles) AppleTV will begin to suck dollars out of the established consoles.

Apple can (if they want to) iterate faster and provide a better ecosystem than Microsoft or Sony... and Microsoft knows it. Microsoft wants to get ahead of the game by switching up their model to allow for faster hardware iteration.

Will be interesting to see where this all goes...

Comment Live Chat Room (Score 4, Interesting) 106

I rarely use Twitter... but when I do it's because there is something going on *right now* and I want to gauge what the "normal" person thinks about it.

Most often: it's something I'm watching live on TV. Be it a baseball game, football game, news broadcast, etc.

You can see the instantaneous response of thousands of people to events...

You don't get that with any other service out there.

Comment Re:Passcode? (Score 1) 319

Why take it "away" then? I don't have any problem with them swabbing my phone for drug residue... just do it in front of me.

They already do this at the airport with the "explosive" residue wand/swab thing. No problem with them using it there... and I wouldn't mind it at the border either.

I just don't want to lose physical control over my device...

Comment AC Is Good (Score 1) 369

I've been here many years (15 or so? I didn't make an account right away so it's hard to keep track) and over the years I've needed to post as AC a few times. Sometimes it was because of something somewhat work related and I don't want it to be tied back to me and sometimes it was because my viewpoint is unpopular and I'd rather not have a permanent record of saying something.

Like I say - maybe only a dozen AC posts in just as many years... but it does serve an important function and I vote for keeping it.

Trolls are easily dealt with in the moderation system. Honestly, after all of these years I haven't really noticed any increase in trolling. Mostly I've just noticed a general _decrease_ in true geeks (that just enjoy geekery for the fun of it) here.

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