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Comment Fun game! (Score 1) 894

''who make a game out of the religions of others"

Sounds like a fun game, where can I get it? Jesus gets walk on water powers, Zeus throws lightning bolts...sounds like a fun collaborative coop adventure game where you can play as your favorite religious figure and cooperate/switch among them to achieve the goals. I can see a 1st person shooter, a starcraft battle of followers and indoctrinated extremists, a platformer, a VS...

Comment Re:Money talks, electric car walks (Score 1) 181

Eh, if you go at it with that mindset, then anything above a Honda Acura "does not make any sense". It isn't about just getting from A to B or we'd all do with much simpler. There are features of the Tesla that add a convenience factor, and sometimes even a status, that people enjoy. For us, never having to go to a gas station again has been really really great. We rarely go over 250 miles in a day (actually, probably once in 5 years), and a year in we've yet to charge during the day -- just plug in at night at home and wake up fully juiced. Imagine waking up every morning to a full tank of gas...just feels good.

Comment Re:More EVs = More Infrastructure = More Sales (Score 1) 181

leaf price was similar to volt price. I like my leaf, but I'd still take the Tesla over a leaf + 50k. If you are in it for something to get you from A to B and you want something with some electric power, lots and lots of choices. Tesla is kinda in a tier of its own right now and *if* you have the money to spend on an 80k car, then you aren't going to get the leaf/volt + 50k.

Comment Re:Tell me it ain't so, Elon! (Score 1) 181

Exactly. I bought a Leaf S the same time as my Tesla about a year ago. Tesla was a dream experience -- no secrecy, no haggling, no getting screwed. I went in, they showed me the online site and I started my purchase there, then went home and finished with the options I wanted. For the Leaf I had to talk to 4 dealers. 2 wouldn't talk to me over email and I had to "come on in". I told them all my company and asked if they had deals but none mentioned one. I finally found the best price 1.5 hrs away (despite 2 closer) and had to drive up there only to then have to haggle about details and my trade in value. Took them 4 hours to do paperwork and loan stuff. In the end I got screwed because there *was* a special deal with my company and they just hid it into the price but didn't give me the full value, they didn't mention all the features my car didn't have based on the one I test drove (oh yeah, the S and SV are the same except for the XXX and YYY...nope). Leaf = horrible experience that still gets me mad. Tesla = 10/10 would purchase again.

Comment Re:Just hire a CPA (Score 1) 450

but fidelity does that every year. they always do for a specific class of earnings. they have for at least 10 years now. So I should have hired a CPA and paid $500 a year for something I did for 4 years on paper until I decided my 4 hours was worth more and bought turbo tax for $50 and spent 30 min on it? Lot of wasted money in a CPA. Yes, I did pay $650 one year...guy came highly recommended by lots of people. He did nothing that Turbo Tax couldn't do, didn't save me any time or money, and it was actually much worse since I had to take time to go to his office instead of doing it in my underwear at my computer at midnight.

Comment Re:Where did the 500k number come from? (Score 1) 28

cardboard is cheap. when I went to find the specific lens they called for, it ran $10-15. Maybe I could have gotten that cheaper, but I'm no optics guy and I had really little clue what I could safely swap. When I read about the cardboard, it recommended a specific thickness and weight that wasn't what my standard boxes had (closer to pizza box I think?). So, I paid $10 for some cardboard that was already stamped and cut as I needed and was the right thickness, and came with the recommended lens and other pieces. I could have saved $5-$10, but I probably would have wasted an hour or more and likely failed somewhere if left to my own devices to source and draw/cut the parts.

Comment Re:Leasing a car... (Score 1) 126

When we bought our Leaf we were told 95% of people were leasing them. I think I found some numbers that showed similar high lease numbers. I guess people were treating it like a new phone -- something they'd want to upgrade when the new model with a little bit larger battery and shiny new feature came out. For me, we bought -- it had the new battery chemistry so they degraded much more slowly and we figure given the warrantee we'll easily have a car with max 20% degraded battery when our oldest starts driving in 8yrs. We only charge it to 80% anyway, so that means we'll switch to 100% and act like nothing happened.

Comment Re:I beg to differ (Score 1) 136

why don't you use the 64 bit compilers and linkers? Linking is usually where I see the 2GB memory hit with insane numbers of static libs, and I have seen people go well beyond this with the 64 bit linker instead of using the x86_amd64 cross compiler/linker tools. I think you have to install them separately so you may have missed them. way back in vs 2010 here is a thread about it: http://social.msdn.microsoft.c... but you should be able to find the 64 bit toolset and info elsewhere.

Comment Re:This is one thing I love about it (Score 1) 544

AND driver profile configurable. Right now my wife and I have different seat positions and mirror positions (yawn), but also different creep settings, steering responsiveness, regen braking aggressiveness, etc. They could add engine noise and shift kickback as an over the air update that is profile configurable (unless you want an external speaker too for some odd reason). Eventually your profile might roam so when you get that rental fresh off a flight, it just runs the way you want it to out of the gate. No more getting used to the extreme break/gas/steering sensitivity differences between cars, set it how you like it and any car is 'your' car.

Comment Re:I've noticed this too (Score 1) 601

Yeah - which is why I have to print out a form, sign it, scan it, then email it through a fax server so it hits their fax machine on the other end. Sucks but then I have the outbound email for my own piece of mind too. They are getting a digital copy in the end anyway. If I had a tablet to sign without printing they'd be none the wiser that it was 100% electronic on my side anyway. In my company they do the same for incoming faxes - they scan them and send them through email. What a waste.

More often than not, the receivers I work with have issues with retrieval off their one office fax, delivery to the right desk, organization of the incoming faxes, and proper filing. Boo paper. I have a small dead forest in my closet from refinancing my home a few times.

Comment Trickle Charge (Score 1) 111

So, how little power are we talking? With the flushless toilets I see more of, I wondered what sort of power could be generated from the 98.6F urine against the porcelain and concrete wall behind it (or incoming water lines for sink/flushables). Figured there was some cistern below with a boyant liquid topper that could sit for a while and give heat. Gives a new meaning to 'trickle charge'.

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