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Submission + - Does Mars have liquid water?

chord.wav writes: NYT reports: Several photographs taken by NASA's Phoenix Mars spacecraft show what look like water droplets clinging to one of its landing struts.
Some of the scientists working on the mission are asserting that that is exactly what they were. They contend that there are pockets of liquid water just under the Martian surface even though the temperatures in the northern plains never warmed above minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit during the six months of Phoenix's operations last year....
"The initial results," Dr. Renno said, "are consistent with what we see as liquid water."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - MacBook Pro Pictures and Details Leaked (

chord.wav writes: Wired is reporting: This 11th hour "leak" is supposedly a fully assembled new MacBook Pro, expected to be announced today by Steve Jobs at the Apple event in Cupertino, California.
It tallies pretty much completely with the previous shots we've seen of the upper case, with the recessed, chiclet keyboard, magnetic latch and in/out ports arrayed along the left side. In the picture we see a 15" MacBook Pro, and there will be a 13" MacBook, also in aluminum.


Submission + - Building An Open Source, Distributed Google Clone

chord.wav writes: Google is like a young mammoth, already very strong but still growing. Healthy quarter results and rising expectations in the online advertising space are the biggest factors for Google to keep its pace in NASDAQ. But now let's think outside the square and try to figure out a Google killer scenario. You may know that I am obsessed with open source (e.g. my projects openhuman and simplekde), so my proposition will be open source based. Link to the article

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