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Comment Re:No harm done (Score 5, Informative) 630

Confirmed: that photo has NOTHING to do with this story. It's an Associated Press photo from the 1998 discovery of a bomb factory in the West Bank:

"Plastic containers holding explosives and the chemicals used to manufacture them, are stored in a room in the town of Nablus in what is described as the biggest bomb factory ever discovered in the West Bank, Tuesday Jan. 13 1998. Police said that three quarters of a ton of explosives were seized and four activists from the Muslim militant Hamas group were arrested."

That's truly disgustingly shameful photo selection by the NY Daily Times to try to stoke fear.

Comment Re:Thousands? (Score 4, Informative) 257

Yes, thousands. In Guelph alone, there were at least 7,670 - EC knows this from records they were able to subpoena from RackNine - - those same records matched the CPC's CIMS database exactly. Now that's just the ones that "pierre poutine" set up - it's looking increasingly likely he was a rogue, but there was an underlying and much more pervasive and carefully executed national strategy - - If pierre poutine hadn't gone and blown it by going overboard, we might never have found out.

Comment Re:Whatever happened in Ohio? (Score 4, Informative) 257

There's growing evidence that Canada's Conservatives learned how to do this kind of fraud south of the border - e.g. a growing tangled web of links between them and US firms used by the republicans...

Submission + - Database and IP records tie election fraud to Canada's ruling Conservatives (

choongiri writes: Canada's election fraud scandal continues to unfold. Elections Canada just matched the IP address used to set up thousands of voter suppression robocalls to one used by a Conservative Party operative, and a comparison of call records found a perfect match between the illegal calls, and records of non-supporters in the Conservative Party's CIMS voter tracking database, as well as evidence access logs may have been tampered with. Meanwhile, legal challenges to election results are underway in seven ridings, and an online petition calling for an independent public inquiry into the crisis has amassed over 44,000 signatures. The Conservative Party still maintains their innocence, calling it a baseless smear campaign.

Submission + - Canada's Conservatives used massive "Robocall" operation to mislead voters (

choongiri writes: Elections Canada has just traced thousands of illegal phone calls made during the 2011 federal election to a company that worked for the Conservative Party across the country. The automated VOIP “robocalls” appeared to be designed to stop non-Conservative voters from casting ballots in key ridings by falsely telling voters that the location of their polling stations had changed, causing them to go to the wrong location on election day.

This news casts serious doubt on the legitimacy of Canada's Government. The Conservatives narrowly won their "majority" by 6,201 votes in 14 ridings, with only 39% of the popular vote.


Submission + - Too Many Connections Weakens Networks (

itwbennett writes: "Conventional wisdom holds that more connections make networks more resilient, but a team of mathematicians at UC Davis have found that that is only true up to a point. The team built a model to determine the ideal number of cross-network connections. 'There are some benefits to opening connections to another network. When your network is under stress, the neighboring network can help you out. But in some cases, the neighboring network can be volatile and make your problems worse. There is a trade-off,' said researcher Charles Brummit. 'We are trying to measure this trade-off and find what amount of interdependence among different networks would minimize the risk of large, spreading failures.' Brummitt's team published its work in the 'Proceedings of The National Academies of Science.'"

Comment Re:I don't care (Score 1) 695

It's easy to think you don't care if you're relatively well off. If you're a subsistence farmer living less than a meter above sea level in Bangladesh, it's a different situation.

...But then, it's also a different situation for you when millions of climate refugees start trying to find somewhere else to go. Even less likely you'll be able to maintain not caring when there's a life-or-death fight over water resources involving nuclear powers.

Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer. Certainly not as thoroughly peer reviewed as the IPCC reports, but still worth a read.

Comment Re:I call bullshit (Score 5, Informative) 259

It's mostly true that reactions dependent on kinetics speed up with temperature. Ozone holes, though, are a very very different process. The ozone hole results from surface reactions on polar stratospheric clouds. The colder it gets, the easier it is for those clouds to form, and the more severe the rate of ozone depletion.

Do some homework before calling "bullshit".

(I am an atmospheric chemist, I am not your atmospheric chemist, etc...)

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