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Comment Re: I call bullshit. (Score 1) 368

BMW cars have been this way for a LONG time. My 1998 318i didn't have any remote lock/unlock features, but if you locked the doors with the key (I primitive) then you couldn't unlock the doors from inside. There was a big warning sticker on the windshield stating this fact.

In case of loss of power (and presumably other situations that sensors could pick out), this "feature" was over-ridden and you could unlock the car doors from inside.

Comment Re:A real comparison? (Score 1) 286

As someone who'd love an electric car, I'm already out of the running with a family of four children. I don't have the cash for a "second" car - it make better financial sense for me to spend that cash on gasoline.

You can get nice off-lease EVs for dirt cheap, low miles, and excellent battery conditions. I bought a 2013 Nissan Leaf for around 9K that was essentially in mint condition. It's not a Tesla, but for my 3 mile commute each way, it does the trick nicely (and the charger at work is a nice bonus in minimizing my overall costs).

The problem though is size -- especially with 4 kids in the picture. My wife and I have the short range cheap commuting car (the Leaf) and a long range ICE cross-over. Works great so far and has been easy on the wallet.

I wasn't sure about the whole EV thing, but now having one I love it (and the way they drive/handle -- its very much a fun car to drive)

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

Don't forget a sexy assistant to help you bleed the brakes at the end...

And ideally it should only take an hour, but if it is your first time doing it, then plan on doubling or tripling the estimate as a Newbie factor. Also in cars these days there is probably some OBD bullcrap light that won't reset unless you have the equipment to do that kind of stuff or take it to a mech...

Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 1) 267

Given a choice between browsing on a phone vs. a desktop? You have gotta be kidding me. Desktop. Every. Single. Time. Input devices that work well and a LARGE screens (multiple). Given a choice, desktop, every time.

Now the reality is that there ISN'T a choice between phone and desktop in most cases. On the bus: phone. At a conference: phone. On the can: phone. It's great for checking up on things, facebook and whatnot, and reading limited amounts of information. But there is no way I am using that in preference to a dual 26" monitor setup with average desktop hardware if I have choice.

Comment Re:Hole Punch - Double Sided Floppy (Score 1) 251

I admit that I never washed floppies :)

I always tried a nibble copier to copy games from friends. 70% of the time it worked 50%of the time. Ultima IV was one that sort-of worked from my nibble-copied version, but not really. It worked enough that I could try to fight Lord British and get killed though...

Comment Re:Hole Punch - Double Sided Floppy (Score 1) 251

Ah memories. I did that to a game disk (Gunship by Microprose for the C64). But then when I saved a game I forgot to turn it over to the "blank" side and ended up wiping the game. That I had borrowed. And then had to come up with $35 (!) to replace it. One of my first auto-LARTs.

While the sound of the 1540 chugging away was nice, it's hard to replace the bare-metal sound of the TI-99/4A tape drive loading a program :)

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