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Comment AOL is the MicroSoft of the Internet.... (Score 1) 95

If they are not there yet, they are aiming to be.

It isn't MS that we have to be worried about when it comes to the Internet. MS may control the desktop and wants to make the software that drives the net. However the real money is who controls the content. This is where MS cannot go because to do so means having to fight very established players like AOL. About the only way to get people to leave a service like AOL is to make it free elsewhere and then give them all their friends on AOL. Its not going to happen. (personally I thought AOL only made coasters)

Still, AOL is now showing what big business is really about. Through the Justice department they managed to build share strength for both them and Netscape just so the merger would be palatable to their respective share holders.

Stop MS from taking over the server market, and keep AOL from buying up the net. Screw the desktop - it was lost 3 years ago. Justice should be looking toward the future, not correcting their errors of ignorance from the past.


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