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Comment MS Sync stinks (Score 1) 196

My 2014 Ford Edge has MS Sync and it is horrible. It can't do simple things like interface with Siri on my iPhone. The voice recognition is abysmal. Sometimes I actually have to turn my car off/on to get it to start working (yes, I actually have to reboot my car). If this is the best MS can do, I don't high hopes for loading office on it! The fact that they would suggest this confirms that MS has no clue about anything anymore.

Comment Re:Warranty Shouldn't Matter (Score 5, Informative) 359

I have this model MBP, and yes, it failed exactly as described. I think the problem is made worse when paired with the thunderbolt screen, which forces the dedicated GPU to be used instead of the Intel GPU. It runs super HOT all the time, even when simply web browsing. Many have found a utility called smcFanControl to force the fan to run at full speed at all times in an attempt to compensate for a bad design. There are numerous YouTube video's of how to "cook" the logic board in an oven for 3 min @ 375 deg to reflow the solder and I found this does fix it temporarily, so its definitely a solder ball issue. Ultimately, I found a repair service on e-bay that for $150, replaces the solder balls on the BGA with lead balls (supposedly) and this is a more permanent fix. According to him (and he seems legit) the lead-free BGA balls suck, and over time fail with extended heat / use. I hope there is a class action on this one, because I paid almost $3k for this laptop and it only lasted 2 years!

Comment Re:I like his IRS plan! (Score 2) 2247

Until Marc Andreessen and Netscape, the internet was limited to geek protocols like ftp, telnet, email and maybe usenet. Private industry had a big part in making the internet accessible to the average joe, which is why it was so successful. Not to mention the advances in search from the likes of Yahoo and Google.

Comment Re:Its not that hard! (Score 1) 106

Actually there are PLC's that have built in web-servers these days so you don't have to rely on a windows machine for visualizations anymore either. While the development is done in Windows (although it can run on WINE), the PLC is an embedded ARM device running Linux. Here is a video video showing how to program one if your interested.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Duke Nukem 3D On Unreal Engine 3 118

Julefrokost writes "While we're waiting patiently on Forever, there's some real news in the Duke Nukem realm. Ars Technica has a story about a fan-made Duke 3D project on Unreal Engine 3. There's an awesome demo video up on YouTube. Created by hardcore fan Frederick 'fresch' Schreiber, we can hopefully expect to see an upgraded Duke 3D in the near future." The article also notes, "Gearbox ultimately decided to support the project, and gave Schreiber a personal, non-commercial license to Duke Nukem 3D. He can't sell the work or profit from it directly, but he can use the characters and design of the game without fear of being shut down."

Comment Tubing connections with RFID (Score 1) 520

They do make medical tubing connections with RFID. This allows the equipment to verify a proper connection before delivering anything through it. Also allows traceability of old connections, logging connect/disconnect, etc. This is mostly a cost issue, as old hardware needs to be replaced / retrofitted.

Town Gets Patent On Being the Center of Europe 169

An anonymous reader writes "And you thought software patents were going to far? How about geography patents? Apparently, as a part of the weird fight over what place in Europe represents the 'geophysical center of Europe,' the Austrian town of Frauenkirchen has received a patent (Austrian patent AM 7738/2003) declaring it the center of Europe. Not clear how one 'infringes' on such a patent, but then again, it's not clear why anyone's patenting this either."

Comment Re:Roll out the crazies (Score 5, Informative) 336

Go read Cadillac Desert. Damns do more harm to the environment that you might expect.

- Dams stop natural sediment flow, resulting in downstream river erosion

- Fish breeding / migration

- Increased irrigation enabled by dams causes pollution of ground water aquifers (increased salinity etc)

- Methane released decaying plant matter in non-oxygenated stagnant dam water

Comment Not exactly new... (Score 1) 224

I am not a doctor, but I don't think this is a new condition. In the Northeast US, workers who shuck clams for a living have a similar ailment from handling a clam opener all day. Clams are opened (by hand anyway) using a short blade with a round stubby handle - very similar to the part of the Playstation controller that rests in your palm. People who do a lot of digging with shovels can also suffer from this condition as well.

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