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Comment Re:My opinion (Score 1) 289

You are right, releasing it in a unfinished state would not be a good idea.
But they can't continue to ship phones with Symbian now that they told everyone that it's not the future.
A good compromise is to promise a stable Meego update for some of their smart phones, and release alphas even sooner.

Comment My opinion (Score 1) 289

Release Meego phones. Now.
As they announced that new N* phones will use only Meego, they essentialy killed Symbian.
Symbian was already seen as "OS for almost smart phones", now they made clear that it's not (and never will) targeted for smart phones.
Moving developers to Qt is a nice temporary idea, but does not give binary compatibility from Symbian to Meego, and history has shown that binary compatibility is almost everything.
The "open source Symbian" failed because the phones (not the software) they sell are not open enough, and open source developers can't (and have no interest to) turn crap to gold anyway.
IMHO they should have only one OS, skinned differently, except for feature phones where they should focus on web technologies.
Their biggest competitor is google, not apple, as apple can't sell things cheap, they would loose the cool factor.
Moreover, Nokia can't imitate Apple and have so much diversity in their products, and diversity has always been their strength.
There is an openness war with google out there, and they are not competitive enough.
They should release somewhat cheaper phones with Meego, so to attract hackers and developers. They don't need to be much powerful, the cost factor and openness is way more important.

Comment mod parent up! (Score 1) 264

You can't deny his arguments.
Do you expect a CEO to explain to his shareholders "We took that decision because I believe that it's fair"?
It's just money. And I'm not saying that it's not right, I'm just saying that you can't expect from corporation to self-regulate.
Regulation from government (e.g. by the citizens) it's not interference, it's something called democracy.
and mod me up too :)


"Cumulative Voting" Method Gaining Attention 375

Local ID10T writes "The AP reports on a system of voting, called 'cumulative voting,' which was just used under court order in Port Chester, NY. Under this system, voters can apportion their votes as they wish — all to one candidate, one to each candidate, or any combination. The system, which has been used in Alabama, Illinois, South Dakota, Texas, and New York, allows a political minority to gain representation if it organizes behind specific candidates. Courts are increasingly mandating cumulative voting when they deem it necessary to provide fair representation." Wikipedia notes that cumulative voting "was used to elect the Illinois House of Representatives from 1870 until its repeal in 1980," without saying why the system was abandoned.

Comment Re:Saving Yourself A World Of Pain (Score 1) 766

Do you really want your OS taking on the overhead of RAID? Desktop motherboards with hardware RAID 0/1/0+1 are easy to find and cheap.

Except most of the time it's software raid with pretty "drivers". Anyway, even hardware raid is not useful because you can't reliably switch motherboard while keeping the raid, which makes the whole point of having RAID useless (Faster recovery than using backups). Modern CPUs makes hardware raid solutions well, redundant (for desktops).

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