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Comment Re:Disappointed with the Press Conference (Score 1) 177

I believe the suits at ESA were in damage control because they are scared about losing funding for the 2020 lander so they mentioned NOTHING about the crashed lander, so that when politicians check on the press releases/conferences in months to come there is NO info on the crash, but in a few days the world will know anyway, especially if NASA gets a photo of the impact and debris.

The ESA in general seems to hold their cards a lot closer than NASA. I suppose there are cultural or political reasons like you suggest, but it's annoying if you're used to the flood of information NASA releases.

Comment Re:More accurate headline? (Score 2) 200

Man buys IoT kettle that doesn't have support for Amazon Echo, spends 11 hours coding support, puts lame spin on story because nobody cares.

To be fair, he didn't spin the story, he just tweeted what he was doing. It isn't his fault that newspapers and the public can't tell the difference between a hacker's project log and an average person struggling with a consumer device.

Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 1) 200

Seriously? I'm not sure what has me more gobsmacked - the fact that somebody would make a WiFi kettle, or the fact that anybody would actually BUY the fucking thing and burn 11 hours of his life trying to make it work.

Perhaps it was about the journey and not the destination? If you follow the link you'll see that he was using a network scanner and other tactics to coax it into working that suggest his motivation was curiosity. He's not an average consumer, he's a tinkerer/hacker.

Comment Re:What will it look like 3 years later? (Score 1) 159

I'm a touch typist who keeps my fingernails to about 1mm most of the time. Right now the my 4-year-old 17" MacBook Pro keyboard has five keys where the black color on top has been eroded away: E A S D and left shift.

If you really care about typing perhaps you should be using an external mechanical keyboard anyway? If all I am doing is typing, I'll take a five year old computer with a good mechanical KB versus a brand new laptop with a built in KB. It's the part of the computer, along with the pointing device and screen, that has the greatest impact on me while using it.

Comment Re:Let's teach critical thinking (Score 1) 212

It's a sad indictment of American intelligence that we have citizens who actually believe the government wants to be paid in iTunes gift cards.

It says nothing of "American Intelligence." Just like spam from ten or more years ago, it says everything about the low barrier of entry of doing spray-and-pray tactics.

It doesn't matter how few people fall for it because most of these are robocalls. You just need a few people to be available when the victims call back or press 1.

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