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Comment Re:Shall we start the pool? (Score 1) 25

How long until one fails and takes out an athlete or audience member?

Taken out by a helium balloon? I'm guessing a very long time. If one develops a leak it will slowly start sinking. The station that it's tethered to is probably designed to reel it in if that happens and it'll end up where it started from.

Comment Re:Dear god no (Score 1) 256

A good crowd can make a good movie great as they react to the film (laughter, cheers, etc).

A comedy must be seen with an audience to be fully appreciated. But, this being Slashdot, everyone probably immediately thought of how he best enjoys sci fi or fantasy: pausing every couple minutes to fact check the accuracy of the previous scene on Wikipedia.

Comment Re:Is it secure? (Score 2) 102

Doesn't sound like it can't be accessed by anyone else like the article states, just that it gets sent on a direct route between your phone and emergency services. OTA MITM attacks could still get that information.

I imagine your phone isn't even packaging that information to send unless an emergency call is being placed, much less actually sending it. Are you really concerned about being man-in-the-middled in that scenario? In the US your 911 call becomes public record anyway.

Comment Re:Waste of time (Score 3, Insightful) 130

This is what the government does when they want to give the appearance of doing something when they really don't have any idea what to do. It didn't do anything after 9/11 and nobody really will pay any attention to it now, either.

Yes, it's called the Politician's Syllogism. In summary:
1. Something must be done!
2. Look, this is something.
3. Therefore, we must do this!

It also seems to apply to IT.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score -1) 670

I haven't read the emails, but I don't believe they expose any crimes committed by the DNC; instead it shows that they did not want to play by their own rules when determining their candidate. It's dirty pool which may disenfranchise some Democrats.

So you got a peek behind the curtain in a political party and you found that it operates politically. Big deal. The Democratic rules already explicitly provide a way to override the popular vote for nominee via unpledged (super-) delegates.

Comment Re:Waste of effort (Score 3, Insightful) 98

Why would I want to waste my time and money watching a movie at a theater when I can just watch it at home and get many benefits...

I almost never get a chance to go to the theaters any more, but I still see the value in many cases. First, you're not at home. Sometimes it's nice to go out for the sake of going out. Second, most genres of film are better with an audience. Comedies are much better with an audience, though the audience can also spoil it if they aren't invested (much like stand-up). Third, the picture and sound are almost certainly better than what you have at home. I saw Interstellar at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood and I'm glad I did. Home theaters are great, but they aren't the same.

Comment Re:I know *what* twitter is (Score 1) 106

I think they also like the fleeting fame when their favorite celebrity responds to them publicly. And for that matter they like the feeling of connection to said celebrity.

More practically, there are non-celebrities, like developers on particular projects, that use it to communicate the direction of the project/product they're on. I still don't have and don't want an account, but it's easy to see what the appeal is for a lot of people.

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