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Comment The near future is mixed (Score 1) 52

The Switch is a really nice piece of hardware, but in its current iteration it is not rugged (or cheap) enough to entrust to young children. The battery life is also well short of what you'd want for a dedicated portable, at least when running demanding games. The clamshell design is really nice for durability.

Comment Re: Business as usual (Score 1) 52

I bought several DSes but never got around to the 3DS. My favorite DS titles that weren't first party titles were:
Contra 4
Shiren the Wanderer
Retro Game Challenge
Cave Story (downloaded, but you can get that on almost any platform, or the PC in its original form for free)

They were technically first party, but the best games were, in my opinion, Tetris World Party and Clubhouse Games. Both let one player with a single cartridge host games for up to 7 other players without cartridges. Tetris this way was just great.

Comment Re:Sooo Gamefly and/or Steam? (Score 2) 142

That's almost all you can do. The TOS is explicit that you do not own the games, and it is a DRM service meaning it can withhold permission to play any time it wants to

Not entirely true. You can play games in offline mode without logging in and the publishers are free to provide DRM-free games via Steam in the same way that Kindle publishers can provide DRM-free ebooks if they choose. http://steam.wikia.com/wiki/Li...

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 544

Work from 20 to 50, save 30%, and expect to live from 50 to 90 off those savings? I can do the math on my fingers to see that's not going to work.

Even if someone saved 100% for 30 years, inflation will ensure they can't live off that for 40 years afterwards.

I think by "save" he meant "invest."

Comment Re:Flying car? (Score 1) 148

In what way is that a "car"?

eg. Where do the kids/shopping go? If it rains you'll get wet.

It's clearly a recreational vehicle. It's possible they're looking at that sector as a viable path to a more practical vehicle, or maybe they've always had small stakes in mind. That looks fun, but not as fun as an ultralight and not really much different than what some more adventurous makers have built.

Comment Re:Idiotic school IT admins cause trouble. (Score 1) 74

That's kind of the point of TFA. Your nephew could have just been trying to break into the wifi to see if he could, or to show off. It is unlikely he would have been motivated by the "profit" of unfiltered Internet access.

Now, I'm not saying he did or would, just that his unlimited data doesn't really mean anything in this context.

Comment Of course they aren't, they live at home (Score 1) 74

I can think of a lot of reasons why teenage "hackers" (in the limited, criminal sense) would not be motivated by money
1) They are afraid of worse consequences if they get caught hacking for profit, though in the US it doesn't seem to matter much to overzealous prosecutors
2) It's a better long-term investment to learn security now and get a high paying job later. These are just your "crazy teen years"
3) Most importantly, THEY DON'T NEED MONEY. Their meals and rent are covered

The prestige thing is probably a factor, though more so at the wannabe/script kiddie level.

Comment Re: I don't understand all the hate on the mini NE (Score 0, Troll) 94

I love the mentality that says, "You made a good thing but because I can't get one you are terrible."

They didn't break a contract, they didn't take your money and not deliver, they simply made a product that you desire and decided not to meet demand for their own reasons. Nintendo did not wrong you.


DotA is definitely more than a mash-up of Warcraft 3 and Tower Defense, I mean it spawned an entire genre that has dominated gaming for the better part of 10-years.

What I mean is that if you had only ever played League of Legends, your first time playing WC3, the first time you trained a hero from the altar, you'd just get why the genre was born out of that game. But yes I agree DOTA is a far better game than WC3/TFT and was a really ingenious distillation of its best parts along with new additions.

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