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Comment Headline does not match summary or TFA (Score 2) 152

“We have undertaken analysis on pathways into cyber crime offending and can conclude that some young people who have an interest in online games may begin to participate in gaming cheat websites and ‘modding',”

This is not what most gamers think when they read "modding." I could see how some script kiddies might get their start trying to cheat at online games.

Comment Re:Overages/Throttling (Score 1) 222

Good catch.

I recently called about an account issue and they offered to "upgrade" my prepaid account. That is, they put me on the current offering that I was already paying for, rather than the old offering, which had less data. It looks like the "always on" data was part of the deal. I wish they'd just give you the best deal you're already paying for automatically.

Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 1) 222

I would rather know what I am using and pay for what I use in at least a somewhat transparent fashion, than pay the exact same as all other customers and never really know what I am paying for. Verizon's system for me has been reliable and fast, and I pay for it, which I'm happy to do.

You may want to look at Project Fi, though I can't comment on the reliability.

Comment Re: Strange (Score 2) 475

I think there is a difference in terminology.

A "workaround" implies that a manufacturer has intently put up roadblocks to installing whatever OS you please.

That's not what "workaround" means or implies. It means you are mitigating or bypassing a problem without eliminating it. It has nothing to do with the cause of the problem.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 2) 475

I was doing that 6-7 years ago, but I haven't worried about "driver support" for anything in Linux in about that long. Almost everything works these days - intentional sabotage by competitors being the obvious exception.

I'm just saying, if I were likely to run Linux on a laptop, I wouldn't go to a retail store and buy what sounds like a relatively new model without first seeing what kind of support it had. It's Best Buy. There is no impetus for Lenovo to support Linux on models destined for retail shelves.

Comment Re:Kindergarten ? (Score 0) 228

The educational system is fucked for a variety of reasons (far-off bureaucrats as you've alluded to) and it seems like no one is really interested in fixing it, more so just applying their own solutions that are at best unproven or just a way of selling something to be picked up at the expense of the tax payers.

There is no institutional fix for the biggest problem schools face: the breakdown of the family.

Kids without parental involvement and investment in their education become anchors that drag down the rest of the class. The worse the kid, the more of the teacher's time and energy gets sucked up, the less time the rest of the class gets.

Comment Pendulum (Score 1) 228

It isn't just Kindergarten, is is throughout all of school, K-12.

They also neglect soft education like Music and Art (often replacing with Social Conformity Drills).

The problem is, we have people in far away cities, who don't have any real interest in the education of any student, making all sorts of Rules and Regulations (see Common Core) about not only how, but what kids ought to learn by when. All, often without any clue how long it takes to teach a room full of kids who just want to play.

We don't live in an industrial world, we shouldn't be treating our education system like a factory.

Unfortunately when the politicians and education bureaucrats realize this, they will mandate an equally stifling "soft education" regiment.

Comment Re:HAHAHAHA (Score 1) 289

He has lots of money, some good ideas, and a knack for hiring smart people. Keep in mind that *they're* really the ones who build the rockets and cars.

Gifted engineers are pumped out of top schools all the time. Nobody is pumping out entrepreneurs to attract them and harness their talents for far fetched ideas like Mars rockets, or even reusable orbital rockets. There is more than one kind of smarts.

Comment Re:wrong buzz word slashdot (Score 1) 232

I as well as many other slashdotters have legitimate substantiated grievances with the business practices and technical decisions made by Microsoft. Quit trying to marginalize dissent in the ranks of your advertising audience.

So wait, are you the Judean People's Front or the People's Front of Judea?

Comment Re:Chrome has made a giant leap. Bravo! (Score 1) 132

If I were the Edge team, I'd be watching my back and not crowing so loudly.

If I were the Edge team, I'd focus on general improvements to my browser and leave extremely marginal performance increases for later. A few more UI options, a few more options under the hood. Last time I tried you couldn't allow pop up exceptions. I suppose they're trying to be Apple and force people to write better websites. In the Enterprise, though, you have to deal with a range of crummy nonstandard sites and software.

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