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Comment Re:It's time for Microsoft to give up (Score 1) 97

They've fought for years to get market share, but even with a competitive product it's still only gone down. Microsoft just isn't cool enough for people.

The Surface line is pretty well regarded, and seems to have sold pretty well. Plus, there might be a market for a phone that's more secure than Android but, well, not Apple. Sure, I wouldn't bet on it--but I probably wouldn't bet it against it either.

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 271

Please stop putting a "sexism in tech" story on the front page.

It's a major problem in technology that really needs to be addressed if this country is going to be competitive in the future. It's unfortunate that it's so inflammatory, but it needs to be addressed.

I think the manager was agreeing with you, so I don't really see the story here.

Comment Re:three reasons: (Score 1) 222

A large portion of the 18-24 demographic may be on their parents plan or split among multiple people lowering the average cost. And I don't think any of the major carriers charge $100 for their "unlimited" plan currently. I know I have 4 lines on Tmobile for $100 (+ taxes) and while not unlimited, with our home internet none of us go over the 3 or 3.5GB/month bucket.

18-24 years ago the previous generation also probably had a $40 phone bill, $20+ internet bill for dialup, and $40+ cable bill...all replaced by that now <$100 cell phone bill.

The plans are only cheaper now because the phones are purchased a la carte (as they should be).

Comment Re:So, it's not only the Russians that hack, huh! (Score 1) 113

Prior to this, I'd have thought America and especially its government agencies do not hack.

I guess I was wrong. What troubles me is that the media only talked about the Russians, yet the act was taking place in our backyard!

Question: Will the media put both the left and right to task?

Newflash: Spies spy.

Comment Re:three reasons: (Score 2) 222

1. money. boomers spent a generation ruining any chance of a millenial or post millenials ability to buy anything more than a bus pass.

This blame-Millennials, blame-Boomers crap is counterproductive and stupid. I'm sorry you had crappy parents but mine are great. And likewise with Millennials: I know a few starry-eyed 20-somethings myself and I hope they can learn from at least a few of my own mistakes.

Comment Re:I knew it (Score 1) 94

AR was always going to be the "Next Big Thing". VR is a fun, limited-use-case solution looking for a problem. AR keeps the user productive. AR keeps the user engaged in the world around him/her.

I would think the ultimate trend will be convergence. AR glasses with a wide field of view, that can completely block out the environment if you wish.

Comment Re:Not just that (Score 1) 374

I like how you ignored my question. If a Degree was a Degree in terms of Jobs, why can't I go be a certified Medical professional due to my Math Degree? I'll add that I also have a Philosophy degree which I received at the same time as my Math degree. I have two of them, so should be more than qualified. Hell, I should be able to be a professor of English Studies, because the only thing that counts is experience and I have been writing my whole life.

Who cares? The article, and discussion, is about infosec. Look over some job listings and you'll see a degree is not typically a high priority.

Comment Re:Can't speak for the new one (Score 1) 93

but the old one has tons of youtube videos of killing shit and as someone who works K-12 this kind of thing has managers pissing their pants in fear of kids with them.

Then disconnect the external USB ports on desktops and epoxy them in on laptops. There are so many ways for kids to destroy school property, why be afraid of this one?

Comment Re:Not just that (Score 1) 374

Women are obtaining 61% of the Masters degrees in the US, the majority of which are NOT STEM RELATED! A PoliSci degree does no good for IT, let alone a specialty like IT Security.

Actually, there is probably a lot of useful sociological training a PoliSci degree would give you for infosec. And as others have said, degrees are a great way to get past HR, but experience trumps all in anything but government work.

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