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Comment Re:I'm an amateur photographer but... (Score 4, Informative) 157

Even I'm bothered by how this advertisement made it to the front page.

The 5D series is notable because the Mk II revolutionized video production. Everyone from teenagers to AAA Hollywood production units were using them. They weren't a replacement for cameras costing tens of thousands more, but they were close enough for most shots.

Comment Re:Travelling at 20% of the speed of light (Score 2) 218

You'd be much better off having a slow, steady acceleration all the way there and a slow, steady acceleration all the way back.

There is no "back" and there is no slowing down or orbiting. It's a flyby approach and the only thing that returns are communications.

Comment Re:Heu.. ???? (Score 1) 400

No, I'm asking how is cutting off a path of a file (as an example of the kind of shortened output Powershell commands can produce) informative? And yes, I know it's fairly easy to overcome, but it just strikes me that this is the kind of GUI-centric thinking (this kind of output is straight out of a Listview object) that infects Powershell.

If it is fairly easy to overcome, write a quick function to overcome it. Don't people write shell functions for this very same reason in Unixland?

Comment Re:Heu.. ???? (Score 5, Informative) 400

And objects, big fucking deal. I've been using Bourne variants for a quarter of a century and never thought "Boy, I wish I had classes".

You never wished for an object-oriented shell because you are already proficient in Unix shells, and it is clear you have only ever tried to make PS fit the Unix paradigm.

What I particularly dislike is how it automatically filters output, and you have to use arguments or other applets to give you fuller output.

Only the view in the console window is filtered by default. If you send the pipeline to a csv or xml, you'll get everything. It filters the console view because there is far more and more complex data being send along. It is not Unix, the pipeline is not compose of flat lines of text.

Comment Re:At her disposal (Score 1) 86

Some dipshit is going to come here and tell you that "their" is only used in the plural. (They're going to be wrong.)

Of course it is used. It is a handy shortcut in conversation but reeks of weakness in anything more formal than a text message. Either pick the gender of your antecedent or make your antecedent plural.

Some dipshits are going to come here and tell you that "their" is only used in the plural. (They're going to be wrong.)


Comment Re:not what i expect (Score 1) 394

It's "this thing dies if it so much as looks at water."

Well if you're going to try to take care of that problem one thing you might go for right away is getting rid of that crazy big hole

That's not a difficult entry point to seal off. The speaker and mic are, I believe, much more difficult.

Comment Re:Idiotic Argument (Score 1) 394

You missed the point of DRM. The stream of bits coming out of the iPhone can be encrypted and must be decrypted before the DAC can take place. The decryption keys will only exist in approved devices (speakers or headphones).

This is too expensive of a solution and too easy to circumvent, like most DRM. There is a wire with an analog signal going to a speaker. Cut that wire and route it back into your recording device.

The genie is long out of the bottle on music DRM and the record companies will never get their CD profits back.

Comment Re:Google beat them to the punch apparently (Score 1) 19

Whatever. A content provider who also provides access or playback equipment is pure evil. The equation works every time.

I see all this hate for FaceBook and or Google around here. What other ways are people in these parts of the world likely to get online? How are your own efforts working out, for that matter?

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