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Comment Re:Abuse of power? (Score 2) 421

"The results are to be delivered to Obama before he leaves the [sic] office".

Why? It would make better sense if the results were turned over to Mr Trump, who will be in a position to learn from them and take any appropriate action.

Publicly, at least, Trump is denying Russian involvement, facts be damned. I am going to give the current President the benefit of the doubt and say he's doing it to help persuade Donald Trump that it's something he needs to take seriously.

I don't think it's a ploy to score political points because there are none to score.

Comment Re:He should review the clinton foundation as well (Score 1) 421

He should be fair and review the criminal acts of both sides, not just of one side. But it shows how biased he is, sadly. 8 years ago, when he ran for president he was a real underdog. Now he is part of the corrupt establishment. Maybe because he couldn't do better and was forced to cooperate with it.

What "sides" are you talking about here? Donald Trump did not order his elite team of Russian hackers to break into the DNC and air Clinton's dirty laundry. Russia (presumably) did what Russia did for Russia's reasons.

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 1) 114

which provides no context.


Malicious PowerShell scripts are mainly used as downloaders


I read TFA. The OP's question--and mine--was "what were Symantec analyzing--where did they get their sample--that 95% of PowerShell scripts were found to be malicious?" If the answer is "known malware" then who cares (and what did the other 5% do?).

Does that make sense? Is the "dumb" still strong?

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 1) 114

wipe the drool from your chin and RTFA

I had the same question as the OP. That line, "More than 95% of PowerShell scripts analysed by Symantec researchers have been found to be malicious," is a direct quote from the article, which provides no context. I'm assuming the author meant 95% of malware that had PowerShell... no even that doesn't make sense.

I don't think the story is credible.

Comment Re:Performance? (Score 2) 84

Don't believe everything you read/see in a press release. Apply some critical thinking.

A reasonable person that both watches the video and reads your comment would conclude that either you are mistaken, or Microsoft and Qualcomm have somewhat overcome or mitigated the issues you point out.

Comment Re:Win10 is good OS that has bolted-on malware (Score 2) 171

Win 10 is good OS that would be quickly adopted if/when MS decided to remove or make optional bolted-on telemetry malware. Such "feature" is simply not acceptable on a non-free product.

The percentage of the market that is aware of the telemetry and also bothered by it is negligible. The enterprise, which can disable it anyway, have resisted the upgrade because Windows 7 is adequate and the new features of 10, including administrative ones, aren't compelling enough to disrupt business to carry out the upgrade.

Comment I think he lost track of his negatives (Score 1) 158

It's hard to imagine, with the way the election turned out, that we're not going to have an environment, from several aspects, that is not going to be more positive for my industry,

Let's see:
It's hard to imagine, with the way the election turned out, that we're not going to have an environment

Simplifies to:
We should, with the way the election turned out, have an environment

from several aspects, that is not going to be more positive for my industry,

Simplifies to:
from several aspects, that is going to be more negative for my industry

Aren't you supposed to be a good communicator to be a CEO? Or did the submitter/TFA misinterpret his statement?

Comment Re:Know that "privilege" you like to talk about? (Score 1) 278

FFS, we half of the kids that leave (one way or another) from inner city schools are functionally illiterate and we worry that some middle class kid who doesn't have enough curiosity to google "how to start programming" is not going to start? Priorities, you don't have them...

Like music, art, and even sports, computer science can give those kids a reason to take their studies seriously. Nobody thinks it will solve everyone's problems, or that it's easy.

Comment Re:too much segmentation (Score 1) 161

This ala carte thing is really backfiring - as much as I dislike Comcast, there is something to be said for getting everything in one bill. When you add up netflix, HBOgo, hulu, CBS, Amazon, and your choice of Directv NOW, Playstation TV, or that Dish/sling offering plus a decent internet connection, its already more than the tv+net package from the cable company and the content we want constantly disappears or has some goofy restriction placed on it. The media companies are making this WORSE...

You're paying too much because you seem to think you need all that. Pick your favorite two and ditch the rest.

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