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Comment Re:Hindsight is 20/20 (Score 1) 236

We've probably gotten more economic benefit from manned spaceflight than from probes...

The most economic benefit we've received from anything spaceflight related is from satellites.

and I would argue that the scientific value has been at least equal.

I don't think this is even close. From the Voyager program to climate satellites, we've learned far more from unmanned missions.

Comment Re:Trump will succeed because... (Score 1) 407

Right... because Trump isn't a multi-billionare elite looking to do nothing but line his own pockets...

I'm pretty sure he's rather looking to line his own ego.

There are far easier ways to make money over the course of five and a half years than running for and becoming President. Based on how poorly he's fundraising he'll probably finish well in the red.

Comment Re:Hope the crow is tasty (Score 1) 157

For everyone who swore up and down that Windows 10 will never be a subscription and Microsoft will always stick with their old business model (pay once for the OS, additional support by subscription): hope the crow is tasty!

You sure get riled up easy.

This isn't new: Enterprise Agreement.

Comment Re:Two days? (Score 5, Insightful) 168

So, Ingress paved the way for Pokemon, and the ONLY reason Pokemon is popular is because of the Pokemon name. Good for them.

AND there are already HUGE problems for Pokemon with both Servers being overloaded, and hacked APKs that spoofers...

I get it, you're upset because you like Ingress and why didn't all these people get excited about your alien hacking game instead of Pokemon? I like Ingress, too, but there was never any chance it was going to take off like this.

Comment Re:that hyperbole though (Score 1) 212

You do realize how Cylance works right? It doesn't actually need definitions. That's the entire point of the service. So when there's a new variant created 10 minutes after the initial variant is patched, Cylance blocks that.

Except their patching cadence is measured in weeks or months, not hours.

Comment Re:Most Clients Get Infected Looking For Free Movi (Score 1) 212

I dont even bother trying to figure out how they got the virus. you know they're going to lie so why bother. clean the machine, get my money and repeat in a couple months.

You could actually give them a better value for their money and offer to train them how to use their computer more wisely. Maybe they'll surprise you and seek more of your services outside of just reactionary repairs.

Comment Re:that hyperbole though (Score 1) 212

99% of the malware you run into is run-of-the-mill stuff

You're likely casting as wide a net as you can to find that malware. The malware that actually works its way through the Internet to the endpoint of an average person will also sail on by standard AV because there are no definitions for it yet. I'm not talking Stuxnet, I'm talking the same run-of-the-mill malware that you are, just slightly tweaked to require a new definition/hash.

There are products that are good at stopping even re-hashed malware (Cylance), but they are effective in part because nobody is writing malware specifically to evade them (and Cylance does no remediation; if the malware gets by it, you're not going to get a definitions update that same afternoon to help you contain it).

Comment They chose poorly (Score 1) 104

Definitions-based antivirus is on its way out for a simple reason: The viruses that make it to your endpoint do so because there is no definition for them yet. They aren't new or clever, they're simply re-hashed versions of the same viruses you saw five years ago.

Cylance is an algorithmic (definitions-free) agent that is apparently quite effective. I suspect however that if they ever gain a dominant market share, malware authors will adapt and find ways to evade their "math power." And even worse, their product does no remediation. Once something gets through the gates, it could be months before there is an update that detects it.

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