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Comment Re:no livecd (Score 1) 94

I was bummed after looking over the LFS intro, in that you aren't building Linux on a bare machine -- you're starting with a pre-installed distro of some kind.

I would be more interested in replicating the process that Torvalds went through when creating the OS.

Comment Re:Try looking at the cheap end... (Score 1) 205

Mac Mini Server gets you a quad-core Intel i7 (double that number of threads if you enable hyper threading) for $999. Turn them on their side and you can stack 11 of them in the width of a standard 19" rack (will be 6U high or so). That's 44 (or perhaps 88) cores for under $11,000.

Other pluses: 900W power consumption when running at 100% utilization, idle is much much lower. Comes with dual hard drives that can be mirrored for reliability. Gigabit ethernet and 4 USB ports are available. When your work with them is done, you can repurpose them as ordinary desktop machines - just add monitor, keyboard + mouse.

Comment Replenishment will be a problem (Score 3, Insightful) 332

The navy spent years figuring out how to refuel and transfer high-value parts between two ships at sea. But they don't transfer large cargo containers, which these people would need to do in order to feed 600+ developers, staff and crew.

And then there's the garbage issue. You can't just dump garbage over the side any more. You need to package it up and bring it back to port when you return. Oh. Wait. These people can't dock the ship anywhere, because hardly anyone on board will have a visa. So they need to move a container full of trash across to the resupply ship, too.

This was a dumb idea in 2005, and it's still dumb today.

Comment It comes down to trust (Score 1) 181

>> “There has been a lot of criticism about the watch list,” claiming that it is “haphazard,” he said. “But what this illustrates is that there is a very detailed process that the F.B.I. follows in terms of nominations of watch-listed people.”

Which is fine and all. But we don't believe you.

Comment Bring back FIDONET (Score 1) 289

Only with better encryption and anonymization.
- The oppressive governments aren't likely to shut down voice PTT, as they depend on it too.
- Laptops either come with a modem built-in (older ones) or a USB modem (pretty cheap)

Yes, bandwidth will suck and you're back in the store & forward days. But the mesh layout means no single point of failure.

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