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Journal chimpo13's Journal: Google's crappy domain registration

I decided to give a friend of mine a domain name for Xmas. Instead of using my normal server provider (, I decided to try out Google. What a mistake.

Google uses GoDaddy. I don't have a problem with GoDaddy. I simply wanted to forward the domain to her Blogspot blog. Blogspot is owned by Google. Google won't let me forward the domain. I talked to GoDaddy for an hour and 15 minutes (using up my cell phone minutes) while they tried their work arounds. Only, it's a Google owned domain. They pointed that out. It's not a domain that belongs to me -- it's Googles. And they weren't allowed to touch it. Of course, I had to talk to 4 different people for that. At least GoDaddy has great hold music.

They told me to talk to Google. Only, I can't get an answer from Google. Nothing but automated answers. I can't even cancel the domain through Google.

Eventually, I'll get this figured out, but it's been a pain in the ass. I think it's just been shifted over the those that are in charge of Orkut or one of the other failed Google ideas.

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Google's crappy domain registration

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