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Comment Re:Texting isn't typing (Score 1) 55

Then you have a major speech impediment and should probably see a therapist for it.

Using your post at a sample, I am able to read it aloud in 22 seconds at a conversational rate. This is the same rate I use reading stories aloud to my children. Using my slower, more enunciated "speech recognition" voice, usually reserved for Google input, it takes me 37 seconds and the only thing I had to correct afterwards was the ( and ) you used. That includes all of your punctuation and the automatic correction of "keboard" to "keyboard" that you missed. With Dragon Dictate, I'm closer to the 22 seconds than the 37, but I only use that at work.

Typing it out -- and I can touch type and quite a good clip -- gives me 75 seconds. That included two uses of the backspace key to correct my typing errors.

Yes, I greatly prefer to edit text using a keyboard. It allows for deliberation of thought as well as a much greater precision in actual editing. But, for just getting words to the page, even with basic formatting in place, speech recognition is by far faster.

Comment Somebody Finally Gets It! (Score 5, Insightful) 52

Good for him! Most DR exercises I've seen are planned weeks, if not months in advance. They are more of a scheduled fail-over to a redundant site and not an actual disaster recovery test.

In the event of an actual disaster, there would be no recovery.

I'm heartened to see SOMEONE does it right.

Comment Re:Employees != Elected/Appointed Officials (Score 1) 223

Appointed Officials are required to comply with FISMA at the very least, which means annual Security & Privacy Awareness Training.

As the person responsible for overseeing this in a Federal Executive Branch Agency, I can tell you first hand that they are required to take the training and, if they don't complete it, will lose access to the Agency IT network.

Been there, pulled the plug myself on a couple. Most know they're required and just take the training without any issues at all.

I can't speak to harassment as that is a totally different arena.

If a Senate-appointed or elected official can't pass a security background check to get clearance, they don't get clearance. It seriously impacts their job and, in the couple of cases I've seen, means they have to delegate that work down a rung or two in the ladder to a Deputy.

Not being able to get a security clearance for good cause, such as ties to a criminal enterprise or foreign government, and not something pedestrian like "your credit sucks", is usually a showstopper for Congressional Appointees. At that point they usually withdraw or resign for "personal reasons".

Comment Re:Who was sending her the emails though... (Score 1) 223

It would have been Because Gov't e-mail addresses are easily guessable, many appointed heads of Agencies have multiple different e-mail addresses. The one that follows Agency guidelines on naming -- which is a giant cesspool of spam and rants from anyone who can guess the e-mail scheme -- and one that is used to get actual work done.

And honestly, most of the people in State were probably using Outlook, which just hid it behind the simple name of "Hillary Clinton" and didn't display the actual e-mail address.

Comment Re:Clinton should be in jail!!! (Score 1) 223

To determine if it was a criminal offense.

The FBI doesn't investigate "crimes", they investigate incidents to see if they maybe were crimes.

It isn't a crime until there is a criminal conviction. If you shoot someone, the police will investigate. If their investigation determines that the evidence points to justifiable homicide, then *no crime has been committed*.

Unfortunately, that example will make more sense if you happen to be black.

Comment Re: Clinton should be in jail!!! (Score 5, Insightful) 223

The whole "I don't remember getting a briefing" is such colossal bullshit. Those briefings are required by law *annually*, not just once. And she would have gotten a separate briefing when she got her clearance, and any time it was upgraded.

She understands the difference. She thinks she is above all that. Rules, like taxes, are for little people.

Comment Re: Clinton should be in jail!!! (Score 3, Interesting) 223

She didn't tell any lies about the server. She didn't know details any more than a major corporation CEO knows what actual physical server their mail runs on.

She has enough plausible deniability and can answer with enough vagueness to not be chargeable.

"That is what the people who run the thing told me."

In short, she had no real first-hand knowledge of the server setup other than it was in her basement and handled her e-mail. The rest is typical VIP know nothing blather.

Comment Re:Clinton should be in jail!!! (Score 4, Informative) 223

Because at the time she did this is was against State Department internal regulations, but not a criminal offense.

You only put people in jail for criminal offenses that have jail as punishment codified in the law, and even then jail is usually only one of many options available as punishment.

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