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Comment Re:Prepare to be (Score 1) 102

There is no similarity. Space nutters are usually tech people who are uneducated in the hard sciences that believe that you can just "scrape dust off of an asteroid" and "turn it into fuel" and "attach scramjets" to a planet (actual quotes from space nutters on Slashdot). And if they believe hard enough, a dream big enough, that everything will happen - because after all: technological progress is inevitable. It will never end!

Comment Re:If the singularity doesn't happen... (Score 1) 137

Ah, NOW I get it. You "get new resources" somehow and convert them to food, water, etc? And you need virtual reality and a decent AI (for unknown reasons). And ion rockets that run on rocks. What about automated cars? Do you need those too? You space nutters are truly nuts. You think life is like a video game.

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