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Comment Re:What a nutjob (Score 1) 289

Its not a troll you nitwit. Just because someone doesnt share in your scifi delusions doesn't make them a troll. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MARS. No one is. Ever. You can't even comprehend the complexity. How are you going to build a FUCKING FLEET of Mars spaceships? We have never even built ONE!

Comment What a nutjob (Score -1, Flamebait) 289

Musk is a Space Nutter. There is no way ANYONE is going to Mars. The trip alone would kill you with radiation. This guy is a scam artist and is trying to get taxpayer money to fund it, so he can siphon it off to pay for his other projects. Stick to trying to get satellites into LEO first. The existing space industry has been doing THAT for 60 years now. And to the rest of you Space Nutters: YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE. Join the human race here on fucking Earth.

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