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Comment Re:Glad to see it's bipartisan (Score 2) 212

If it came to it, your little rifle means jack shit to a fighter plane and a tank. It might have mattered in the 1700s but you are SO outgunned and outclassed and outtrained that it is only a fancy way of suicide.

Which is why the recent conflict in Iraq was a quick little affair. The Iraq war totally didn't get extended another decade after defeating the Iraqi military because of some insurgent types with small arms and improvised bombs....

Comment Secure against Cylons (Score 1) 267

You'll see things here that look odd, even antiquated to modern eyes, like phones with cords, awkward manual valves, computers that, well, barely deserve the name. It was all designed to operate against an enemy who could infiltrate and disrupt even the most basic computer systems. Galactica is a reminder of a time when we were so frightened by our enemies that we literally looked backward for protection...

Comment Re: And better for the enviroment (Score 1) 274

According to the 2006 Hindu-CNN-IBN State of the Nation Survey, 31% of Indians are 'vegetarian', while another 9% also consume eggs (ovo-vegetarian).

Hardly "dominant" if 2/3 of the country eats meat...

Historians have shown that the people of ancient India, beginning with Brahmins, ate many kinds of meat, including that of cattle. Example: take a look at the Manu Smriti, Chapter V

Comment Re:Arm the first responders... (Score 1) 935

Let's examine an earlier school shooting: Columbine

Were you aware that Columbine was supposed to be a bombing, not a shooting? The BATFE estimates that had their bombs worked, they would have had casualties in the triple digits. But when their bombs failed, the assholes "settled" for just running around and shooting...

What if they couldn't do that? What if they went home and build better bombs instead?

Remember: the deadliest school attack in US history was not a shooting...

Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 1) 1165

This has become a regular event in America.

Gun violence, as well as violent crime in general, has dropped significantly in the last 2 decades or so

America is FOURTH in death by gun, after Thailand, Nigeria and Colombia; that's the company we keep.

Actually, America isn't even in the top ten.

We have more murders by gun than any developed (and many undeveloped) nations.

That's cherry-picking, unless you can explain why it makes sense to compare the US vs Sweden, but not the US vs Russia. Also, Turkey (considered a developed country depending on definition) has a higher murder rate than the US. And why would "murders by gun" matter more than just simply "murders"?

The NRA *actively* lobbies to defeat laws that will keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill persons, and on and on. It's a national disgrace.

The ACLU *actively* lobbies to defeat laws that will keep criminals and rapists on the streets. But instead of calling it a national disgrace, we refer to it as the inherent risks of essential liberty.

What about the rights of the 100's of thousands of people that have been murdered by gun in America - what about them?

What exactly about them? Safety and/or protection from criminals and madmen isn't exactly a right, and the supreme court has made it clear repeatedly that citizens have to expectation of police protection...

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