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Comment Innovative Search (Score 1) 249

What's needed aside from better filtration tools (show only apps that are free sorted by download) is the ability to search common sense sentences. "I'm looking for an app that will help me organize receipts for my taxes." Then it would allow you to filter results by reviews, ratings, downloads, number of current users.

Comment The ultimate solution... (Score 1) 237

Cars that drive themselves enough so we can look at the touchscreen (Preferably a Tesla-sized touchscreen). Removes the problem of distracting touchscreen interfaces to begin with. Add Siri-like voice control for more flexibility.

Comment I wonder... (Score 1) 99

Maybe there is a mental link from what your mind is experiencing to the energy it supposes you are consuming. If you are playing FPS games and performing high-energy maneuvers, perhaps your mind gives you the urge to feed to replenish the supposed loss of calories. Action gaming does increase your adrenaline, perhaps it does the same to your metabolism and "need to feed".

Comment It's really Very Simple (Score 1) 179

ISPs offer a certain Bandwidth at a certain price for unlimited usage. Common sense dictates that they would analyze the bandwidth available to the area divided by the users to come up with that number. Why are these networks unable to deliver on their basic service agreement? It's very simple, give me the speed i paid for, that you claimed you could provide, without restriction.

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