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Comment Re:what can you get with bit coins? (Score 1) 490

The market is anyone you can find who wants to invest in BitCoins. Offer a price that is slightly above market and they will surely be willing. Once they want to cash out, buy the requisite amount of BitCoins off the market and send them to the investor. If your short worked, the market price of BitCoins went down between the time the investor sent you money and the time he cashed out. If it went up, your short failed and you will lose money, potentially quite a bit.

Comment Re:This again here. (Score 1) 490

Yea, nice one, haven't read this argument thirty times in this thread already. All currency is tulips, if everyone agrees that the USD is worth nothing, then by all means it is! People are placing value in BitCoins because it is an incredibly convenient currency. As a poster put it upthread a ways, it costs some people more per dollar to accept USD (through Visa/PayPal etc.) than it does to accept BitCoins and then convert those BitCoins into USD.

Comment Re:Bitcoin is stupid (Score 1) 490

In other words, you are going to continue shorting the "stock" that is BitCoin. Tell me, how well has that worked out for you so far? Basically, you are just butt-hurt because you were too stupid to see the value BitCoin can bring to the world (I mean come the fuck on, it's 5000 times better than PayPal and that shit had no problem taking off) and want everyone else to wallow in your misery. There's nothing undeserving about the wealth the early investors created for themselves. They saw a good thing and invested in it. BitCoin happened to gain traction and they are reaping their rewards.

Comment Re:what can you get with bit coins? (Score 0) 490

Stop talking and go short BitCoins right now if you think the price will fall. All of you retards that think this is "destined to fail" refuse to put your money where your mouth is and short it. It's extremely hard to believe a word any of the critics are saying about BitCoins since they didn't have the intelligence to invest in them when they were $.20, but go on to explain that the price is gonna crash "real soon now".

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