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Comment Re:Only a matter of time (Score 1) 389

i agree. people constantly underestimate how powerful the brain really is. think about all the stuff it does simultaneously. like when you sit down to could be getting the food to your mouth, listening to the person across from you blab, checking out the girl sitting across the way, and on, and on and on...
and we aren't even talking about feelings yet. or health related things like fighting off diseases.

and think about something like giving birth...the female egg gets a sperm and, nine months later, poof! a completely new and original life is popped out, with no input from the mom except food! i mean, the brain adjusts to supporting another living creature with very few side effects.
and once the baby is out, the brain is able to recover and basically resume its normal accomplish something like that seems to be a little harder than figuring out the root of an equation, at least to me.

i know people will say "oh, the brain only operates at blah blah blah gigahertz (go ahead, point out my lack of research), computers are already faster and smarter at math,"...

but if you think about it, they aren't even smarter at math anymore than an abacus is smarter than a human. all they do is count, and even that's just smoke and mirrors using the "AND" and "XOR" operations to simulate addition.

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