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Submission + - Steorn's free energy device now being demonstrated 1

chiark writes: Remember Steorn? Blaze of publicity, challenges to the scientific establishment, magnets, rotation, a failed demonstration and a report from a jury of scientists that there wasn't any evidence of over unity? Well, this hasn't stopped them, and in Dublin there's a demonstration device set up and working in public that is claiming to produce roughly 3W for every 1W put into the system. This is part of the launch, and Steorn will be licensing the technology next year for full commercialisation. See the live feeds on the homepage, check the demo setup, and start asking the obvious question of when this demonstrates the device as over-unity...

Submission + - Steorn's jury is back... Free energy?

chiark writes: "Remember Steorn? Free energy for all, coming soon, and a gauntleted slap around the face to the physics establishment: "come be our jury, and prove us right or wrong". Well, 2 years' later, the jury's verdict is in and it's not the validation Steorn were hoping for: Steorn's attempts to demonstrate the claim have not shown the production of energy. Steorn could accept this and move on, or rebut this. Guess which approach they took?"
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Submission + - Judge to SCO - quit whining, your chance is gone

chiark writes: "Back in the mists of time (June), the magistrate judge presiding over SCO vs IBM gutted SCO's claims back in June, as covered on /. SCO screamed "foul", appealed to the District Judge and today the judge has ruled against SCO succinctly and concisely affirming every point of the original damning judgement.

Also part of this ruling is the news that the Novell vs SCO trial will go first — "After deciding the pending dispositive motions in this case, and after deciding the dispositive motions in Novell, which should be fully briefed in May 2007, the court will set a trial date for any remaining claims in this action."

Interesting times for SCO and their legal team? I think so. Of interesting note is that the Judge conducted the review using more exhaustive standard than required out of "abundance of caution", and still found against SCO."
The Courts

Submission + - UK copyright extension not happening

chiark writes: In quite frankly a surprising move from all the signs (such as surveys saying that the public supports extending copyright), the UK will not extend copyright to 95 years following a recent study. What a refreshing change! Back when this was was covered on slashdot last year, I wrote to my MP and thought no more of it, but recently a UK thinktank has called for fair use to be enshrined in UK Law and now this? What next? Looks like the government is realising that the public are the ones that vote 'em in or out.

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