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Comment Windows is easier for the average person to use (Score 1) 117

We have all worked with people who shout at you for not using Linux. No one every address the fact that it is cumbersome to use. When there is a linux distro that is user friendly then it will be used more. Geeks are enamoured with all the reasons everyone "should" use open source os's but never address the consumers using the product.

Comment Re:frist poast! (Score 2) 223

All phones sold in the EU must be usb. "All mobile phones in EU to have the same charger: European Parliament votes on law in attempt to cut down electronic clutter. A single charger will have to be compatible with all mobile phones after a vote in the European Parliament".Mar 13, 2014

Comment Re:"borrow money to make it through the month" (Score 4, Insightful) 805

You obviously have never lived in the Bay Area. When I want to prove to someone how crazy expensive the Bay Area is I show friends this: This is a listing for a poorly built 70's townhouse. Cost 1.2 million. The average starter home in the Bay Area is 1 million. Rent averages $2500 to $3500 (with roommates). Say you are moving and want to overlap a month, which is very common. For 2x $3000 a month rent and 2 x a $3000 deposit you are temporarily out $12,000! Not to mention the $30 for a grilled cheese and coke. Not kidding. I live in Austin when I dont have to be in Palo Alto. My rent here is $800 with a yard for my dog. Dont diss the bay area money complaints.

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