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Comment Re:perspective (Score 1) 509

I agree with the part about being scared. There may be a management issue where he doesn't feel comfortable about being honest about his own skill set. I just went through a manager change. I couldn't have an honest conversation with my old sup without being punished in some way. It got to the point where I just didn't tell him anything. Especially when it came to admitting and fixing my own short comings.
With my new supervisor its a night and day difference. Evaluate, identify, and fix. No punishment and no problems at all with giving and receiving honest feedback.

Comment Return on investment in 1-2 years. (Score 2) 39

A friend just bought a package of iOS apps directly from a developer. The things he was looking for were:
Verifiable income.
Payback on investment in 1-2 years based on the current revenue.

If the app he is buying is generating $1k/month of verifiable revenue he would be looking to pay between $10-24k for the app.

There are too many clone apps and free apps out there to justify a payback time any longer than 1-2 years.

Comment Too Easy (Score 2) 140

I registered an LLC a few weeks ago. After a few days I wanted to change the name of the LLC. All I had to do was agree that I had the legal right to change the business documents by hitting the okay button. No password. No identity check. Just had to hit the okay button.

This theft doesn't surprise me. Its way too easy to do.

Comment Re:NEW tried this and failed (Score 1) 608

Online courses, if designed as online courses instead of dumping text onto a site, can be quite good. The course will need to be designed for online consumption - tutorials, audio visual aids, help desk accessible teaching staff and students. .

I agree with this quite a bit. If an online course is designed well it makes for a great teaching aid.

We used Aplia as a supplement for my micro and macro economics courses and it was great.
The site interacts really well with the user and enhances the learning experience.

However, other online courses I have taken have not been designed well.
Most of the bad ones I have seen have been supplement sites from the textbook publishers (mainly Pearson)
I had to use this awful online supplement for corporate finance.

I do believe online learning is the future of education.
But we also have a steep learning curve as far figuring out and implementing what works and what doesn't.
Its just going to take time and experience for elearning to become effective.

Comment Re:How financing works (Score 1) 90

This is a good explanation of why these loans are bad.

$30 Billion is enough financing for Huawei to corner any market that they choose. That gives them too much power.

While the Chinese may have embraced capitalism (in the wake of the demise of the USSR), they certainly don't believe in free market economics, and will use whatever means they can to control and manipulate the markets.

You can boo hoo the US governments corporate bail outs all you want. But the bail outs were never intended to grab and control market share.

Comment Re:capitalism fail (Score 1) 295

Consider also a telecom company that sniffs the calls of its users and sells this information to other companies. That would be an even bigger outrage.

Why does it still work differently with social networks?

It works differently because social networks offer their services for free. Telecoms get cash for their services and social networks ( mainly Facebook) get your personal data (instead of cash).

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