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Comment Re: Apple Reality Distortion Field (tm) (Score 1, Insightful) 259

For video editing the software makes a huge difference as well. Is there anything for Windows or Linux with even remotely close performance to Final Cut Pro? I am yet to see it but open to suggestions, adobe premier is about 12x slower, whether run on Mac or Windows

Comment Re: Apple lover promotes Apple product (Score 0) 259

Final Cut Pro totally blows away all PC video editing software in terms of performance I've tried. To be fair it also blows away performance of other video editing software on MacOS. For example rendering a video on Adobe Premier on Mac might take 6 minutes, but 30 seconds in Final Cut Pro. If someone built video software optimised at same level as Final cut Probfor Windows or Linux then that would be great, but for now I'm yet to see it

Comment Both arguments have a point (Score 1) 131

Plenty of EA's are totally clueless, have no idea what they're doing, but are great at feeding buzzwords with an extra helping of BS to the CIO. However the EA can be a valuable and worthwhile position, but you need a good CEO to select a good CIO who selects a good EA...pretty rare occurrence in my experience

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