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Comment Re:This is (sort of) good news for Americans (Score 1) 215

Oil prices are going back up, and will be at three digits a barrel by Memorial Day due to OPEC production cuts.

There is absolutely no indication that this is happening or will happen. OPEC is not cutting production at all, and Saudi Arabia is happy to keep pumping which keeps the US shale and Iranian markets suppressed. There is no way that the price per barrel will hit 3 digits in the first half of this year, because even if production gets reduced, everyone's reserves are completely topped up now.

Comment Re:What a crazy situation (Score 2) 149

Police are boots on the street, and need to be more personal and empathetic. Their role is to keep everyone safe, even if that does occasionally mean keeping people safe from themselves and their own actions.

Sorry, but that's not true in the US. I agree that it SHOULD be their role, but cops are there to enforce the law, not to keep you, or anyone else, safe.

Comment Re:Fucking rednecks (Score 2) 1030

Yes, a healthy portion of the subsidies could be considered tax breaks and write-offs. Part of the argument is that these tax breaks should not be in place for such a profitable industry in the first place. Our dear friend Wikipedia distills a few research reports that indicate a large percentage of subsidies also went towards credits for "non-conventional fuel generation" which I expect is mostly ehtanol and biodiesel, as well as direct compensation for exploration costs.

Comment A few questions (Score 1) 239

The primary question is: why are you trying to do this? Is it to make sure you have an off-site backup in case all of your electronics gear gets stolen? Redundancy can be best covered with extra hard drives.

Another consideration is what kind of photos you are taking. If you're shooting RAW with a modern DSLR, you're going to have images of 20-30MB each. At 300 pictures per day, you could be looking at a data footprint of up to 9GB per day. I don't know what kind of coverage or data plan you have, but in my opinion that's a lot of upload data for a mobile connection. In this case, you may want to consider batch processing the images to a lower resolution before uploading, just to have some record of the images online.

Comment Scheduling meetings (Score 5, Insightful) 168

Before everyone chimes in about how you might as well ban Google and Bing too, I think that there is a valid security concern for using Siri when you consider that many people use it for making appointments. Search history is much easier to obfuscate. I can understand if IBM doesn't want Apple to know who it is having "top secret" meetings with.

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