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Comment Re:School code (Score 1) 292

> Someone mentioned that K&R has memory leaks all over the place, because it's more readable.

Well, someone is wrong. K&R code is very, very good; among the best you'll find in any programming language book.

Comment Re:H1-B fake jobs: an annoyance for job seekers to (Score 1) 795

Fake job ads are not for H1. You dont have to show squat to hire someone on H1B. Fake job ads are for green card applicants on one of the 'advanced' categories. The US government mandates that the company have looked for an equally talented American and failed. This is obviously a stupid, populist regulation that is easily surmounted by fake ads. Yeah the ads are super annoying but it is not the companies' fault, it is the government's.

Comment Re:After many years of excellent work, Perl is dyi (Score 2) 99

This is my experience as well. However, in my case the definition of project is a bit loose:
- Someone wrote a script in perl and left the company.
- Someone else needs to make Improvements to this code but they dont know perl. Even though the original code is written in as clear and readable perl as possible, they automatically think perl is hard. This is in fact company policy now. They write a python script and make a system call to it from the perl code. Soon there are two, three... seven python calls in the perl code.
- Someone now wants to break the perl code up, so now there are python calls in the perl code and perl calls in the python code.
- Someone wraps this up in a shell script.
- Someone else learnt bash and not sh so they make bash calls in this code and it no longer works on non linux architectures.
- Someone who knew the original developer calls him and they enjoy a wry laugh.

Comment Re:Color Scheme Sampler (Score 1) 763

My eyes are particularly sensitive to bright light and flicker and things like that -- I havent read this study, but I tend to concur as after oodles of tweaking, I have settled on white text on blue background. I have found that not using too many colors (eg. turning off syntax highlighting) helps, and choosing bigger and clearer fonts (dont know how to quantify "clearer"). Refresh rate should be high too. Contrast and brightness should be lower than default. Tend to pick greys instead of whites, eg. rgb=0.9 each instead of 1.

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