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Comment Re:A perfect Christmas gift... (Score 1) 188

Those CDs can indeed be very good, but not all of them used the best sources available (=the earliest available generation master tapes). Sometimes modern CDs are the best option - e.g. the Beatles In Mono box is great and completely uncompressed. The mono releases are for most Beatles records the mixes the band themselves participated in making. Someone else then remixed them to stereo. Modern vinyl releases, even when not compressed, usually come with some amount of bass boost. I don't understand why there is this need to modernise the sound of vintage recordings. It's not like blu-ray releases of black and white movies are artificially coloured either.

Comment Re:Cross Obamacare (Score 1) 245

Wouldn't the free market just take care of this? You can't really do price gouging if you can get the product at a fraction of the price somewhere else - or are the alternatives not available as widely? "As of September 2015, Daraprim imported directly from GSK UK is available for less than US$7 per tablet" and "On October 22, 2015, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals announced it has made available a formulation of Pyrimethamine and Leucovorin in oral capsules starting as low as $99.00 for a 100 count bottle." (from

Comment Re:Or, you know, just pay for the fucking movie. (Score 1) 147

Or download the movie from the Internet which is easier, not to mention no more illegal in some countries. No rocket surgery should be needed to lawfully view the DVD you bought in your own home according to the terms of the EULA. If it's needed, the product's quality is inferior and the main argument for buying the thing in the first place is weakened.

Comment Re:Evolution in play? (Score 1) 529

I'm positive there hasn't been enough of these better jobs to make a difference and usually better off people have fewer children, not more. Any effect on the genetical probably varies between none to microscopic. What it probably has done however, is to make the culture value scholarly pursuits which probably accounts for 99.9+% of the advantages.

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