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Comment Re:for a minute there i thought i had freedom. (Score 1) 236

While literally true, that's hardly an honest assessment. It's impractical for all but 0.01% of the userbase. The rest are just stuck with whatever mozilla decides.

Or you could click here:

You aren't as locked out as you're claiming to be.

Comment Re:Whoops (Score 1) 236

Right. What you want is horrifically insecure, which is why everyone is moving to disallow it. Chrome beat Firefox to the punch, but this change has been desperately needed for a long time. As long as you have a product used by millions of users, it's a giant blinking target for malware. Signing is entirely about being able to pull that malware out of the field after it is discovered -- and there's some really skanky add-on based malware out there.

As has been mentioned, if you don't like it, you have options -- unbranded builds and ESR releases let you do exactly what you want to do. And, again, that's far more than you can say for Chrome.

So, really, your complaint resolves to "Firefox will now be secure by default when it comes to add-ons, and I'll have to go through the inhumane and grueling task of downloading my Firefox from a different location on the web if I want to keep doing what I'm doing." That's a little hard to take seriously.

Comment Re:can we please (Score 3, Informative) 236

Alternately, you can grab the add-on and push it to the add-ons server for signing yourself -- it's all automated. The point of signing is that it allows Mozilla to shut off malicious add-ons when they arise. As mentioned elsewhere, all add-ons hosted on Mozilla's servers have already been signed, so you'd only have to do this if you found some unmaintained add-on lying around elsewhere on the web. To be honest, that sounds kind of fishy, so I'd proceed with caution.

Comment Re: The ego... (Score 1) 428

AM/FM radio still has commercials and does in fact pay the music industry (not sure about artists cut) to play songs. Internet radio, like Pandora, follows the same sort of rules as AM/FM radio. The product (music) is free to the consumer, but the distributor (radio station) gets paid by ads.

The same is true for Spotify, which he takes a swipe at as well. That kind of partisan bickering makes this seem far less like a principled objection to Youtube's business model (which does, by the way, pay revenue to artists) and more like an attack at anyone competing with his employer.

Comment Re:It doesn't help that much, a little bit. (Score 2) 187

Oh, and I forgot to mention -- I run with hundreds of tabs open from time to time as well, and it's usually just one or two bad apples that grind things to a halt. Since you're on 47 or later, you can go to about:performance and see which pages are chewing up CPU time. Closing the top CPU-hogging tabs makes everything work *much* better.

Comment Re:It doesn't help that much, a little bit. (Score 3, Interesting) 187

If you're going to go multi-core at least give me 1 full core for my current tab...

A lot of the pain you're feeling is probably due to on-thread content rendering. Since you're already living on the bleeding edge by running nightly, you might as well try turning on async pan/zoom, which renders content on a separate thread. This has some dramatic responsivity improvements. Go into "about:config" and set the pref "apz.drag.enabled" to "true."

Comment Re:Calculate age of mars? (Score 1) 41

I have creatinists on my family, so I’m always looking for more simple and direct arguments about the age of the universe ...
- Where did all the water go?
- At what rate was the water lost?
- What, therefore, is the minimum age of the planet planet on the basis of this analysis?

Answer: God took it away to test our faith, and it disappeared instantly. You're fighting a losing battle here. In the same way that you can't prove religion with logic, you can't disprove it with logic either. They are unrelated concepts.

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