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Submission + - Project Orca: How an IT disaster destroyed Republicans get-out-the-vote effort (breitbart.com) 4

cheesecake23 writes: Many talking heads have attributed Obama's success to an unmatched "ground game". Now, inside reports from campaign volunteers suggest that Project Orca, a republican tech-based voter monitoring effort with 37000 volunteers in swing states, turned out to be an epic failure due to dismal IT. Problems ranged from state-wide incorrect PINs, to misleading and lately distributed information packets to volunteers, a server outage and missing redirection of secure URLs.

Submission + - Einstein letter calling Bible "pretty childish" to be auctioned on eBay (theatlantic.com)

cheesecake23 writes: In an admirably concise piece in The Atlantic, Rebecca J. Rosen summarizes Einstein's subtle views on religion and profound respect for the inexplicable, along with the news that a letter handwritten by the legendary scientist that describes the Bible as a 'collection of honorable, but still primitive legends' and 'pretty childish' will be auctioned off on eBay over the next two weeks. Bidding will begin at $3 million.
The Internet

Submission + - Seeking best ideas for P2P sharing of rare goods

cheesecake23 writes: How can we make obscure material easily available via P2P? By 'easily', I mean:
  • A search should return comprehensive results within a minute or so.
  • All (or nearly all) downloads complete eventually — even if it takes a week or more.
Bittorrent is unsurpassed for recently released or ever-popular films, music or whatnot, but torrents tend to die quickly. Other P2P networks have other problems, perhaps primarily search results depending on who happens to be online at the moment.

Of course no Slashdotter would ever participate in illegal filesharing, but we are always eager to discuss potential solutions to difficult problems. I'd like Slashdot input on this conundrum.

Submission + - Daily Tech hunts payola among tech review sites

cheesecake23 writes: How often have you read a hardware review and thought: "no way was that an honest opinion, the reviewer was bought"? Well, the Daily Tech has gone undercover to find out whether or not payola is accepted among the 35 largest online English-language hardware review sites. Questions asked and answered:
  • How many sites would take money (or sell ads) in exchange for a product review? [Answer: 20 percent]
  • How many sites would additionally consider selling an Editor's Choice award? [Answer: none]
  • Were any world regions more "corrupt" than others? [Answer: no, 20-25% almost everywhere]
  • Does it depend on the size or age of the site? [Answer: read TFA]
Although no "bad guys" were explicitly revealed, the article contains enough information to make a white list of quite a few good guys. Let's see what Slashdotters can come up with. Let the finger-pointing begin!

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