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Comment Re:Oh noez, it's teh Google (Score 1) 195

I can assure you I could buy a whole fleet of Google Glass if I wanted to. The class argument is laughable.

Also, unlike you, I've actually tried Google Glass and I can say that the only worthwhile feature was the ability to record video by taping the side of it. The very small display (it's like 8 lines max, maybe 5 words per line) and constant looking up and to the right do not make for a good user experience for any real information, imho.

Comment Re:Oh noez, it's teh Google (Score 2, Insightful) 195

So if I walk up to you and point my cell phone camera in your face - No problem? I think you'd get annoyed rather quickly.

Also, let's be honest, the security camera argument is a false argument, since we all know how crappy the footage from security cameras are and that there are more controls over the purpose and use of that footage.

With Glass you may become part of some weirdo's "art project" or have your image stored with Google in perpetuity for them to eventually add to their facial recognition database and who knows what else.


Submission + - The birth of vi

lanc writes: "Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun, contributor to BSD Unix, the UltraSparc technology, NFS and even Java, tells the story in an article at TheRegister about how he wrote vi and what the motives were. In the interview he says:

"It was really hard to do because you've got to remember that I was trying to make it usable over a 300 baud modem. That's also the reason you have all these funny commands. It just barely worked to use a screen editor over a modem. It was just barely fast enough. A 1200 baud modem was an upgrade. 1200 baud now is pretty slow."

...and so my son begun The Holy Editor War."

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