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Comment Look at the renderings. This has to be a joke. (Score 0) 105

The 3D rendering has the work quality I would expect from a 1st year multimedia student that had his parents choose his line of education for him.
As in, he is not even interested.

If it is impossible that a company like RR puts out something like this, I would sell my shares... (If I had any)

Comment Re:What is webassembly? Never heard of it before.. (Score 0) 118

To balance your points 1) and 6) somewhat I present the following little anecdote:

I was development lead on a rather complex app used to model and monitor large streaming media networks.
We were using D3.js to render large graphs of the system on the browser, and we had performance issues.

When one of the engineers suggested switching from D3.js to GraphViz (A C++ graph library) using asm.js I was like "You can't be serious!"

It turned out that GraphViz compiled to asm.js outperformed the D3.js implementation by a factor of about 2-3x. And it ran perfectly on Chrome as well.
The only thing we lost was the swishy-swoshy (and completely unimportant) animations when the graph changed.

Comment Re:"MOVIN' ON UP"? Not up mine, you aren't. (Score -1, Flamebait) 268

Here it is. My first post on Slashdot. After how many years of just reading and enjoying? 20? Almost. I don't know.
But I totally agree with this revolution. How can the managers NOT respond after so much criticism?
Anybody with even the smallest amount of competence in PR would have woken up by now...

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