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Comment Re:"free of snow and ice" (Score 1) 163

How many snow plows go on the sidewalk? Because that's where they've put them.....

Check the photos. I can't wait to see it in winter because everything will be covered in snow except for a teeny tiny patch of ground that is clear (and likely wet and slippery) for no particular or useful reason.

Comment Re:comment (Score 4, Insightful) 209

If you've got 3,000 drives at home to come up with directly home applicable numbers, then please share them.

This is mostly useful to compare models vs models as the environment is kept the same.
It's completely legitimate to say model X is more reliable than model Y, it's not valid to say model X has a Z% failure rate in a home environment however.

Comment Re:Shielding, jamming (Score 1) 385

The chip does mostly use public/private key methods, however the NFC aspect does transmit the magnetic stripe data.
Why? Cause it means they can just use modified PoS machines rather than making new ones from scratch - the existing system needs that data so they made it less secure by keeping it pretty backwards compatible.

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