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Comment gnupg+vim (Score 1) 402

We use gnupg+vim to share passwords and other secrets among my team.

To create a new encrypted secrets file, 'vim secrets.gpg'. Vim prompts you to specify recipients from your gpg keyring. Then vim opens a buffer; you write your secrets in the world's greatest text editor.* On write or close, vim prompts for your passphrase and encrypts the file to the recipient keys you specified, saving it as ascii-armored gpg.

Open an existing file with a .gpg extension, and vim prompts for your passphrase, decrypts the file, and opens it in a new buffer. On write or close, it re-encrypts the file to its configured recipients.

For easy sharing and revisioning, we keep these gpg files in a mercurial repository. This gives us a distributed, free, scalable, and reasonably secure solution.

*There's a similar gnupg plugin for emacs, if you're of that heretical religion.


Submission + - radiohead lets fans name their own price (

ch writes: "The world's most incredible band has just released their seventh album, with an amazing twist: buyers can choose between a box set that includes CD, download, and vinyl (~$82), or can "name their own price" to download the tunes directly from the band's website. That's right: you choose how much the music is worth to you! Finally, a major band with a huge international following is proving that the Internet is the *only* distribution medium anyone needs. I bet our friends at the RIAA, Capitol Records and EMI (former Radiohead labels) are absolutely sh*tting all over themselves! This news has made my night — a new album from my favorite band, and a chance to stick it to the man, all in one irresistable package. If there was any question of my dedication to these guys (there wasn't), this truly seals the deal. I am a fan for life!"

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