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Comment Re:Do Both (Score 1) 834

context: I'm 1 month away from my masters.

Straight out of university, I recommend going out and landing that job. Get some work experience for at least a few years, have some fun, and see what you like in the Real World version of the field.

With luck, you'll run into something that's a problem for your employer, and potentially a thesis topic worth pursuing professionally.

With more luck, you'll be in an environment that lets you work on your masters part time (3yrs in my case) while collecting a full time paycheck. Very handy that paycheck - I could not have done this on much less than full pay.

With more more more luck, your employer might even pay tuition for you.

With more more more more more more more luck, you'll actually enjoy both your work and your area of focus.

I've been lucky.

Note: part time study & full time work cuts down on fun big time, and makes friends nag you for not attending all social events. Avoid losing friends and your sanity by taking time out, even if it means cramming a few days later.

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