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Comment Re: Who's Responsibility? (Score 2) 246

And, in your mind, there will never be any problem deciding what is appropriate?

It seems to me to be a typical document meant to cast an 'appropriate' image of an agency whose very nature makes it impossible to easily explain its actions.

I find this action by Wikileaks to be disturbing by its timing. The contents shouldn't be a total surprise.

There's been plenty of hints going back years. In 2003 we had OnStar versus the FBI. A couple of years ago Verizon tried to patent an invention that made your TV both a display and a video cam.

Comment Re:The problem is the battery itself (Score 1) 266

The problem is between your ears. Samsung charges its phones using quallcom technology. Just like damn near everyone. It's old tech now, on revision 3. Old, SUCCESSFUL tech.

They follow the Qi wireless standard for their wireless charging. As does just about every other phone maker that offers it. Their fast wireless charging is the latest Qi standard. The wireless charger itself contains an almost imperceptible fan to deal with heat.

As an Apple fanboy, your responses are as predictable as they are wrong. I understand some of the problem. You haven't a clue about Qi wireless charging or Quick Charge because Apple hasn't quite come around to the modern technology in use for several years on Androids.

Oh, I hear that fast charge is something the iPhone 7 could use. It's coming in last place in just about every battery test out when measured against the current Android's. Wow! Double whammy. Shrimpy battery life and no quick charge.

Oh well. I see Apple has already released an iPhone 7 edition of that beautiful case with the built in battery. Yeah, that's a great solution. Really turns the phone into a beauty. Maybe you could post a couple of hundred links to some Chinese stuff?

Comment Re:Astrotrufing anyone? (Score 1) 266

Oh coming from you this is good. Have you asked Apple if they consider this a good idea? Does it void the warranty? Here I thought you were against cheap stuff, but was I wrong! You apparently recommend meetcute as a manufacturer of parts for the iPhone. Are all their products Apple certified? Because guess what. I'd bet a paycheck that if someone came on this forum and said I just bought a splitter from meetcute and my iPhone 7 burned up, you'd be the first to chastise them for using junk that wasn't Apple certified.

Finally, quit with the 'hater' shit. After seeing your portrayal of Android users and Android phones, there's no room on the high road for you.

Submission + - Apple loses patent retrial to VirnetX, owes $302.4 million (

chasm22 writes: A federal jury in Texas on Friday night ordered Apple Inc to pay more than $302 million in damages for using VirnetX Holding Corp's patented internet security technology without permission in features including its FaceTime video conferencing application.

Before all the yelling starts I'd like to refer everyone to Wikipedia's page about VirnetX and to the appeals court decision

Comment Re: just one thing to say (Score 1) 612

Oh gee I have tears in my eyes. The poor little rednecks are being brow beaten by the viscous liberals.

You're either a troll laughing while hitting the submit button or the person who has the wildest imagination in the world.

I'm assuming the latter. I'm also suggesting that, whenever you have time to touch base with reality, you go review the comments made about this President following any story ever written about him.

Obama has endured more insults than any other President in my lifetime. Certainly more than he has dished out about rednecks. For that matter, I can't remember hearing or reading any comment by him that was directed towards rednecks by name.

Sorry for so few tears. It's not the liberals responsible for Trump. It's the dumb fucking REDNECKS who have openly embraced his attitude because it's so very, very close to their own.

Comment Re: DRM ahoy :( (Score 1) 551

Oh boy. I've already seen this phrase "hundred year old technology " used multiple times as a 'reason ' for Apple to remove the headphone jack.

However, you go the extra mile and brand anyone who opposes the removal of the headphone jack as a Luddite.

Even taking your obvious misinterpretation of what it meant to be a Luddite (hint-not opposing new technology but virulently opposing automation that led to job loss), one would have to at least say that removing something because it's old technology doesn't make any sense unless you have something better to replace it .

Oh, I guess they do. Look at those beautiful air pods. Bet you can hardly wait to get some. Yup, with a design like that they'll be no mistaking what YOU'RE wearing. Bold. Courageous might even come to mind. Me, well I'll just say if you like the way the Apple watch looks then this will be a winner.

Yes, this all points to Apple innovation. Water tight. Twin lenses. 32 gigs of memory. Stunning black model. No headphone jack. COURAGE. Don't forget that. Don't ever doubt that Apple has the courage to take more of your money.

Comment Re:U.S. Corporations need to pay U.S. taxes. (Score 1) 302

You're an idiot. Your use of a broad brush to portray every American as ' THE FUCKING UGLY AMERICAN' is more a painting of you then one of us.

And you base almost everything you say on your complete misunderstanding of the US Tax Code. Read this.

You talk about brain drain and wind up with another mess on your hands. First you say the tax code prohibits Americans from working or studying abroad. OK, wrong but just for a minute I'll go along. Then you describe this same situation as the perfect scenario for brain drain to occur. Maybe you'd care to explain how a country that doesn't allow citizens to work or travel abroad goes on to become one that suffers brain drain. I know what's coming next. Please include some cites to prove that students who study abroad are smarter than those who don't. Or more inventive. Or entrepreneurial. Or more well rounded. Yeah, I need some cites. Only because you made such a debacle of your original theory about the US going to shit.

Your ideas are cleverly ignorant. You act as if a scientist would automatically become better if he meant a few scientists from other countries.
Hmm? You do have some facts to back up your fiction, right?

And tell me, what does a country which sends it students to another country to learn and earn suffer from if it isn't brain drain?

And then do us a favor and shut the fuck up. You just did Brexit. There is a reason why there are 30,000 people in France waiting to get into the UK. The word that comes to mind to describe the situation is bigotry.

Say what you want about Trump. The facts are that he has never enjoyed a poll where his approval rating was anywhere near as high as his disapproval rating. You rant about Trump and seem to forget that we just elected a black person twice and are on track to elect the first female. No, she won't be like Thatcher. Thank God.

Next time, before you rant about the US being insular,take a good look at your country first. Maybe you should first ask yourself why your country is still 87% white. Our fucking whitest neighborhoods aren't that white! You want insular? Yeah I've got some. In the UK, apparently being white isn't enough. You have to be the right kind of white. As in non-Polish white. But maybe that's just the boys being pranky. Just trying to keep things organized. Well, maybe a little insular. And a little racist.

No a better example of a nation/kingdom being insular would be the 'classic' example. Brexit. Not much to add to that is there? Calling the US insular in its attitudes is lau
ghable in contrast to actually voting on the issue.

Comment Re:Apple does what it wants (Score 1) 472

Well a big fuck you to you. Just look in the mirror and tell us what the fuck all the apple lovers would be writing if this article was about Microsoft using four year old processors in their Surface line. Hmm?

Do you want us to believe for a second that Tim FUCKING Cook wouldn't be trying to get Congress to pass a law banning such sales?

That you are happy with Apple selling four year old processors at the same time as their VP is going around saying how sad it is that there are so many old pc's that Apple thinks are

Comment Re:The simple answer is college (Score 1) 643

I can accept you received a score of four because the mod thought this was an interesting 'idea'. However it's an idea that looks to be entirely wrong.

Here's why, "The shift toward higher rates of sexual inactivity among Millennials and iGenâ(TM)ers was more pronounced among women and absent among Black Americans and those with a college education."

Here's the link.

Key word=absent. While what you think is correct is incorrect, I can see how many people are intuitively grasping at the concept.

Submission + - Private company wins U.S. clearance to fly to the moon. (

chasm22 writes: Reuters) — A Florida-based company won U.S. government permission on Wednesday to send a robotic lander to the moon next year, the firm's founder said, marking the first time the United States has cleared a private space mission to fly beyond Earth’s orbit

Comment Re:Yep... (Score 1) 41

Not sure if it matters but I never signed up for an account. And I don't have any options to enable /disable the cloud sync and/or enable/disable a personalized dictionary.

I was wondering if you opened an account? I double checked by opening settings/account and got nothing but an invite. One of the linked articles implied that having an account was needed for this bug to be enabled.

If it isn't, I'll probably keep SwiftKey. However if they're leaking data from everyone or just at random , I'll be joining you in looking for another keyboard.

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